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Marx’s theory of alienation describes a separation of innate things. It illustrates how conflict is created between harmonious issues.  Alienation is the separation of people from life matters. Religion has a role to play in the process. This is because it is based on the Essence of Christianity which purports that God has indeed divided the characteristics of the human being. Isolate originated from capitalism which is a very ancient ideology.

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Capitalism is a school of thought where the financial systems favor the business owners through the process production. In this regard, companies produce goods and services purely for profit.  Workers are merely used by the entrepreneurs as tools to help them get their income out of their businesses.  The employees do not have control of their lives, actions and feelings. Instead, they are fully dictated by the company owners, (Scott, 1987).

The writing explores on Marx’s theory on alienation with banking as the workplace of choice. This is achieved by the analysis of the isolation concepts and how they apply for a worker in a bank.  There is a discussion on the production value in relation Marx’s concepts. The essay is concluded by a comparison with other work places as well as t the validity of these concepts in the contemporary world.

Alienation Concepts and Work Place

Having explained alienation, its origin as well as the relationship with capitalism, we now proceed to analyze the major concepts of isolation.  Marx’s has put across four main issues in the work place to demonstrate the idea of separation. Each concept is examined while attaching a relation to banking which is the work place of choice in the writing as shown below.

Worker is alienated from the production of his labor. This is a very key concept of alienation according to Marx’s. It is also called exploitation. This means that the employee is not given chance to contribute in any decision making process. The owner controls the intellectual ability of all the workers in the company. Employee simply works to get wages which are very low to ensure that maximum returns are secured by the owners. The same applies to the bank where the business owners give instructions which must be followed. At the same time the staffs only work for their salaries as the owners benefit from huge surplus value.

Another thought is the alienation of worker from himself as the producer.  It explains a very important aspect of work. In normal circumstances, human spirit should never be separated from the actions. But capitalism does exactly the same. People are separated from their work through machines and they cannot define their value.  An example is the work place in the bank where the staffs are completely isolated from themselves via the use of computers and many meetings and appointment with clients. These efforts are aimed at making the shareholders to be rich as the workers are left in conflict with themselves.

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Alienation of worker from working is also a concept of Marx’s.  In this case, work is organized into a pattern with an endless sequence that gives no motivation to the staff.  This is characterized by repetition and meaningless processes that makes the employee to be bored. Labor is quantified into wage and the worker has no other benefit apart from the production. The same case applies to banking where the staff is put into rigorous work procedure. For example credit policy has a very lengthy practice that adds no constructive value to the staff.

An interesting concept is the alienation of worker from other workers. This has the meaning that the proprietors strive to create conflict among the workers so that they benefit. Labor is commercialized through marketing and no room is given for workers to unite and share ideas or fight for their rights. This is the situation in the work place. In banking, hatred among workers is caused by institution of targets for staff which are measured by performance contracts. Different staff will perform differently. Depending on appraisals, people normally differ instead of pursuing a mutual interest.

Concepts and Production Value

Several ideas have been put across to support the alienation of workers. The concepts portray different views. This section focuses on the theories that relates to the production value.  In this regard, we analyze how the points expose the creation worth in view of capitalism both to the worker and owner. Once again the relation is compared with banking which is the work place of choice.     

The fact that the worker is alienated from the work he produces relates to the production value. This is because the employee has no direct benefit from what he manufactures. This is irrespective of the surplus value. It therefore means that the value of production entirely goes to the proprietor. The worker does not enjoy what he produces. At the bank, the same case applies. Workers work very hard to grow the portfolio and clientele. But when huge profits are realized, the staffs are only given their normally monthly wages. The rest of the benefit goes to the shareholders of the company, (Blackledge, 2008).

Another fact related to the production value is the isolation of worker from the act of production.  This is where the staff works but he is not involved in the particular by himself.  The owner has simply put work system that the worker must follow using the provided machines. The owner gets good produce from the set process but the employee becomes fatigue and demoralized.

The spirit of the worker is not engaged in the pattern of work imposed by the company owner.  This applies in the bank where systems are set within the computer to capture profits from the accounts. The worker is just there to command the machine but is not really part of the process. In the end, it becomes monotonous and does not produce value to the worker at all. On the contrary, the shareholders reap dearly from the surplus value produced.

Job Comparison and Significance of Marx’s Concepts

It is very challenging to become a banker.  Banking is the business of money and there is force from other competing banks. Compared to other jobs, it is demanding and one must be ready to work under pressure. This is because the owners are after the profits.   At the same time, banks can easily be affected by financial crisis. For example, the 2007 crisis affected the entire world and made many banks to collapse. All the four concepts of Marx’s suit the job.

The perspective of Marx’s is very useful in the society today.  The concepts educate the workers and employers on the principles of work. Several factors support this fact. He is passing a message to the employers to stop separating the workers from their colleagues. At the same time the ideas persuade the owners to stop alienation and create self-worth and meaning to the life of the employees. The ideas give room for the motivation of workers.


In conclusion, Marx’s theory of alienation has pointed out very fundamental ideologies in the work place. Application of the concepts to the bank has been illustrated accordingly. The relevance of the thoughts to the contemporary society has also been put across.

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