Writology Limited (Cyprus Reg. No. HE 360665), 1-3 Boumpoulinas Street, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, PC 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus (“us”, “we ”, or “our”) operates the Essays-Writer.net website and is the controller of your personal data.

Our company is very thankful for the interest you have shown in our services and for spending time browsing our website. The topmost priority for our administration team is the security and privacy of our customers so every measure is taken to safeguard personal data from being misused or lost. The types of information our company collects and its purpose is described below.

To facilitate effective cooperation with customers, we gather the following information on:

  • Customers
  • Visitors to our company’s website.

The type of data gathered by our website server includes the time that customers or visitors access our site and the type of browser and operating system they are using.

Gathering this type of data does not permit us to reveal your identity. We use it only to customize and fine-tune our website’s content and to make the layout and information provided thereon better. Information collected by this method is never disclosed, sold or shared.

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Cookies Use

Cookies are used to help us make website navigation easier. Additionally, cookies allow us to collect useful statistical information such as frequency of use, number of visits and similar.

Personal Information Collection

In order to use the services we offer, it is likely customers will be asked to provide information we can use to contact them, such as their:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers and
  • Email addresses

This information will be requested at the time of registering on our website. Personal contact details will only be used when processing an order if we need to clarify some aspect of an assignment in order to complete it, e.g., if a customer fails to provide vital materials or a writer needs the customer to approve a topic. We, therefore, recommend you to provide correct information so that we can get any clarification we need to provide you with a high quality of service. The personal data provided by customers is only accessible to our personnel and is never published, shared, sent or revealed to other (external) parties.

Your personal details are never shared with your writers to protect your privacy. Please do not share any personal details with the writers directly. All sensitive data is kept strictly confidential. You are fully responsible for the outcome of sharing your personal information (such as logins, passwords, e-mails, phone numbers) with the writers.

Online Payment Processing

The systems we use for processing payments are reliable and secure and do not allow financial data to be disclosed. To prevent Internet fraud, we may ask you to verify your identity.

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Customer Rights

Users of our company’s services may correct, delete or replace their personal profile information by contacting our customer services team.