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IB Extended Essay Writing

Considering the importance of ID extended essays for students, it should be paid much attention to. However, the reality of academic life is that due to numerous assignments, not every student can dedicate a sufficient amount of time to IB EE writing.

To understand why this essay type is so important, it is necessary to define this paper first.

IB extended essay is a custom research paper of 10-12 pages in length (between 3 and 4 thousand words) that is written by all Diploma Candidates. This paper is usually based on a specific topic and research question chosen by or given to a student.

The Main Purpose of IB EE

The main purpose of this essay is to check the ability of students to apply their knowledge in the particular subject, and their writing skills, as well as to show that they are capable of doing in-depth research work and investigation. IB extended essays can be written in a wide variety of subjects, including math, art, psychology, science, foreign language, etc.

Tips on IB Extended Essay Writing

Many students find it difficult to write this essay because they do not know what to write and where to start their work. Here are some tips that can help you not to be like them:

  1. To realize clearly what to do and not to make mistakes at the very beginning, talk to your advisor first. It is a stage where you should discuss your subject, topic, etc. You need to make sure you discuss all the details to ensure you are on the right track.

Remember that your essay should be:

  • done independently;
  • focused on the research question;
  • written based on in-depth research;
  • based on reliable sources;
  • no longer than 4000 words.
  1. You should choose a proper subject for your paper. To do it, you need to keep in mind the following:
  • you should choose the subject you have studied;
  • you must be interested in the topic you are going to choose;
  • the subject you choose must reflect your knowledge in the area and help you show your abilities.
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IB Extended Essay Structure

The main parts of the essay are the following:

  1. Introduction
  • it should discuss the topic you have chosen indicating its importance;
  • you need to explain why this topic is chosen;
  • the section needs to provide background information for the topic;
  • a thesis is a final part of the introduction that provides a clear argument regarding the research question asked.
  1. Main Body
  • the main aim of this part is to present a strong argument concerning the research question and thesis stated in the introduction;
  • the section should show that the writer is aware of the subject and can provide a detailed analysis of the topic;
  • this section may contain additional subheadings, if necessary, to explain the topic better.
  1. Conclusion

The section should provide a short but clear summary of the issue discussed, and address issues that were and were not resolved by the research.

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Main Elements of the IB Extended Essays

In addition to the main parts of the paper, it should also contain several additional elements. They include abstract, table of contents, acknowledgment, visual materials (if applicable), reference page, and appendices (if available). The given elements will be discussed in more detail below:

  1. Abstract

It is a brief description of the research question, research methods, and findings. The information in this section should be provided briefly. The length of this section is approximately 300 words. The section, just like the whole paper, needs to be written academically. Moreover, it is important to remember that this section does not serve as an Introduction and provides an overall discussion of the topic.

  1. Contents page

This section goes after the Abstract and provides the names of the main sections and subsections. In addition, all pages should be numbered.

  1. Visuals

If your topic requires providing visual materials for the paper, you can do it in the form of graphs, tables, pictures, illustrations, etc. They should be easily understood and support your discussion effectively.

  1. Reference page

This page contains information on all the sources used in the paper. The sources should be formatted in a required formatting style. It is important to present works that were used in your research and cite all of them in the paper to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Appendices

If you have to provide additional materials for your paper, you can place them in Appendix. This page goes after references and is the final part of your essay.

IB EE Scoring

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IB EE Writer

IB EE Writer

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IBE Writers

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ToK Essay Writers

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