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The underlying purpose of this task is to evaluate a student`s progress throughout a specific course or discipline. When professors devise multiple-choice questions for a test, they can thoroughly evaluate a student`s progress even over a long academic course. Professors can evaluate students` knowledge in the most detailed and comprehensive way as this test enables them to cover even the most complex topic or subject in-depth.

Multiple-choice assessment tests have the following advantages:

Reliability. It refers to the extent, to which tests help professors evaluate and understand the learning outcomes that students have got over a specific course. The reliability of such services is that, if a test is based on a single topic or subject, it helps to evaluate the level of knowledge in a specific way.

Versatility. This task can cover a specific subject from different perspectives. Therefore, with appropriate design, it is possible to check students` knowledge in a variety of topics. In this way, knowledge and skills cannot be evaluated in-depth, but a professor can evaluate acquired skills extensively and broadly. Specifically, if one wants to check a basic understanding of the subject, multiple-choice answers are the best option.

The limitations of questions-answers tasks are that they cannot check students’ creative and original ideas when it comes to some extended answers. A student can’t share some insights as one merely chooses the best option(s) from the list provided.

MCQs Writing

Multiple-choice questions are also frequently referred to as selected-response items tasks. They are a part of academic assignments that check students` knowledge and skills of a specific topic. What students are required to do when they are given MCQs is to select one suitable response among the list of options provided. This assingment does not predetermine any open-ended answers. Normally, you are just supposed to choose the correct option from the range given.

The Purpose of MCQs

The purpose of giving multiple-choice questions tests is to evaluate students` knowledge of a wide range of topics. This assignment enables professors to cover a wide scope of material. However, they can only check overall understanding and general knowledge. The process of MCQs preparation for a professor may take up much time, whereas students can complete these tests quickly.

The Main Elements of MCQs

Some of the main elements that will help you make the process of writing multiple-choice questions more consistent and logical will be provided below. Make sure that you can positively answer the following questions:

Does the question relate to a significant concept or topic that students should have acquired from the course of studies?

  1. Can you expect that students taking the test have the background knowledge that is required to provide the right answers?
  2. Is the question formulated clearly? Does it use concepts and terms that are familiar to students?
  3. Does the question correspond to the level of knowledge expected from a student?
  4. Does the question relate to the learning outcomes a student has to persevere?
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MCQs Writing Guide

General tips and guidelines on how to ensure adequate multiple-choice test structure:

  1. Start writing the prompt, then provide the correct option, and then move on to the other options (they are also called wrong options or distractors).
  2. Double-check whether the correct answer and the distractors are equal in length.
  3. Make sure that each item on the list corresponds to the learning outcomes of the course.
  4. Before submitting the test paper, ask a peer to review the questions and answers.
  5. Ensure there is enough time for editing and proofreading.
  6. Double-check how much time it takes for one to read one question. Minimize this reading time.
  7. When formulating questions, pay attention to sensitive issues connected to gender, race, culture, and other issues.
  8. Make sure you use vocabulary that can be well comprehended by the target audience.
  9. Make sure there are no clues as to what the right answer is.
  10. To maintain creativity, try to write a few items each day – in such a way, you will not get tired of this process.

5 Writing Tips for Designing Multiple-Choice Questions Stems

  1. Make sure each question relates to one point or issue. Do not ask about a few things at once.
  2. Provide a full and comprehensive description of the problem.
  3. Make sure that the most essential information is given in the stem. The answers, resultantly, should be brief and concise.
  4. The stem written by you should convey the main idea of the question. It should be written in form of an incomplete statement or a question.
  5. Double negations and negative structures, on the whole, should be avoided.
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5 Writing Tips for Formulating Options

  1. The number of answers given should range from three to five.
  2. The options should preferably be equal in length, grammar structures, style of writing, and complexity.
  3. If some text repeats itself in different options, try to place it in the stem once.
  4. Neither option should contain any clues. As such, each answer should seem plausible regardless of the level of the student`s knowledge.
  5. Lower the chances of students` guessing the right option by choosing «all of the above» or «none of the above.»

The Key Do`s and Don`ts for Multiple-Choice Questions Tests

5 Don`t:

  1. Use double negations as they are confusing.
  2. Use vague concepts of terms, specifical adverbs of frequency, such as «sometimes», «frequently,» «seldom,» «usually,» etc.
  3. Write questions with a particle «not,» such as «Which of the following options is not…», etc.
  4. Provide answers «both a and b are correct,» «both c and b are correct» etc. This question will confuse the student so much that, even if they knew the answer, they would have all chances of answering it wrong.
  5. Use abbreviations, especially if students may not be sure about their meaning.
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5 Do:

  1. Think about what purpose each question has, what learning objective it can help to achieve.
  2. Group questions related to the same topic/ subject area together.
  3. Group questions based on the type (such as true or false, or yes/ no questions).
  4. Provide only one correct answer.
  5. Make sure the answers are grammatically and logically consistent. Parallelism should be ensured.

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Write My Multiple-Choice Questions Test

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MCQs Answers Writer

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