Every business should have a business plan, as it creates a solid basis for the major project, shows its strengths and weaknesses, and evaluates prospects. This is the plan for developing, managing, and improving your business.

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Whenever you feel disorganized, not knowing what else to undertake to make the essential enhancements, you can look through your business plan and find the necessary answers to your questions. Besides seeing your role regarding a certain project, it allows you to attract beneficial partners or angel investors who have the strength to save even a stagnated business idea if it is still relevant. Here you can find business plan writers for hire.

Business Plan Writers For Hire

Even if you are a business owner or an ambitious start-up enthusiast, your writing experience may not be enough to produce a decent business plan for your new project – and that is where our affordable business plan writers for hire turn into your life-savers. When trying to choose between various affordable business plan writers, mainly pay attention to the following two factors.

The initial aspect is the experience of the authors in business and financial management spheres, which is reflected in their diplomas as well as direct cooperation with organizations where such plans are regularly written. The second aspect is the agency itself which has enough positive testimonials from business-related customers along with the flexibility to take up projects of any complexity.

You will surely know that you need help writing a business plan when your utmost obligation is to find an interested investor for your project. Besides, such documents are quintessential for any start-ups that need promotion and loans. Based on a thoroughly composed business plan, you can create a meaningful presentation covering all the integral aspects and, predominantly, the benefits of your company.

If you decide to hire affordable business plan writers from Essays-Writer.net, it will be a transformative choice, as our specially trained writers have vast experience in improving the image of an organization and starting a new business with a swing!

Format of Conventional Business Plan

Traditional Business Plan Format

Despite many alternative solutions to business management, creating a traditional business plan is always a good idea, as it helps you to see all the details about your venture distinctly, not surpassing the long-established methods. What facilitates the overall task is the absence of a precise outlining structure. It is enough to divide the document into balanced sections that coherently highlight your needs, expectations, and prospects. The following sections are typical for a conventional business plan.

Executive summary

Your target audience must learn about your company or project right from the start. It is important to use some persuasive elements to reveal the main reasons behind its potential success. Your executive summary should contain a meaningful and clear mission statement that shows the usefulness of your service or product. It also must include general data about your company’s CEO, main team, and the organization’s location. When asking for funding, any vital financial data along with business development strategies cannot be omitted.

Description of your company

When describing your company, do not be afraid of divulging certain challenges you have been facing. On the contrary, highlight the problems your business is capable of solving. It is imprudent to present ambiguous information, so do your best to be truthful and specific when listing your consumer statistics or prospective customers. All the competitive advantages you may find have to be vividly revealed and analyzed, as the investment into your project depends on its actual potential to serve the most wanted clients.

Market analysis

To produce a decent market analysis, you have to comprehend the dominant outlook of your industry along with its target market. Carrying out competitive research is significant, as you will see what other similar businesses undertake to succeed in the sphere. It will be greatly advantageous to scrutinize the trends and demands of the prospective consumers of your product.

Organization and management

Illustrate the main organizational legal structure of your company. In this section, a reader must realize whether you intend to create a limited partnership or a general partnership. In other cases, you can be an LLC or a sole proprietor. To make the comprehension of this chapter visually convenient, generate a specific organizational chart to show the hierarchy in your company, demonstrating the main individuals in charge of the project. It is reasonable to present each employee as a person with a unique experience and skill set.

Service or product peculiarities

This section is dedicated to the elucidation of the specifics of your product or service. What are you selling, why is it relevant, and who is your predominant consumer? Try to find the rational benefits of your product in comparison to one of your competitors. Your intellectual property plans can also be shared here.

Sales and marketing

There are versatile marketing strategies, and your approach can be an alternative to the existing ones. A decent strategy should be flexible to adjust to any changes in the market easily. The main purpose of the sales and marketing section is to prove that your strategy can attract potential buyers and retain returning customers. This part is interrelated with financial projections.

Funding request

This section is present only when your business plan goal is to attract investors. All your funding requirements should be elucidated here. For instance, you should indicate how many years you need to develop your business to the fullest. It is also important to indicate whether you intend to obtain equity or debt. Logically, a potential investor needs to delve into details of how the funded sum will be used. Perhaps, you need to purchase certain equipment or pay for the necessary bills, such as long-term debts.

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Financial projections

Well-explained financial projections will be able to convince the intended benefactor to finance your business. Despite the obvious fluctuations in your project’s steadiness, the investment will help to stabilize it and obtain more resources. If your business is not a prospective one but an active one going through difficult times, you have to present your balance sheets and cash flow statements, especially for those times when it was more successful. An investor is also interested in a well-established financial outlook for the next five or seven years.


The appendix is useful to demonstrate any supplementary data related to your business. You may attach product images, letters of reference, licenses, credit histories, contracts with strong partners, and other crucial legal documents.

Constituents Every Customized Business Plan Should Have

  1. An Executive Summary;
  2. An exhaustive account of the company, its desired financial status, ensuing prices for the product, and the general business management;
  3. An Industry Outlook and Research;
  4. A Market Analysis and SWOT Analysis: an investigation of rivals, research of the trends and trendsetters in the industry;
  5. An Appraisal of the Competitive Environment;
  6. An Assessment of Critical Risks and Solutions;
  7. Information about CEOs and employees: current organizational structure;
  8. Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan: the most favorable ways of your product promotion;
  9. Five-year Financial Projections that encompass (funding requests: the approximate sum of the investment);
  10. Balance Sheets;
  11. Cash Flow Statements;
  12. Pro Forma Income Statements;
  13. Sources and Exploitation of Funds
  14. A Breakeven Analysis
  15. Appendix

Professional Business Plan Writers for Cheap

Professional Business Plan Writer for Cheap

Why do you need a professional business plan writer’s help? Any start is deemed to be challenging, and even the smartest business idea can be doomed to failure unless you back it with a prolific business plan. There is no doubt that such documents must be of unrivaled quality.

The plan ordered from Essays-Writer.net will be comprehensive and exhaustive, including all the detail you provided in your instructions. We will provide an attention-grabbing description of your company or project. We will also generate a profound market analysis where your product will be presented at its best. When crafting such an important document, our primary goal is to sell your business to potential investors or valuable partners. Your target audience should be convinced that being part of your team is a unique experience.

All the facts and statistics our business writers present will be based on the relevant data about your company, so that, as a result, you will get reputable research material that can be further used to predict and instigate the advancements within your project.

Before selecting the most suitable writer to work with your corporate matters, we will request the full scope of information that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your company. While we do not intend to reflect on your weak points, it is reasonable to appraise them and do everything possible to eradicate the drawbacks owing to the newest business plan.

There is a fundamental section of any successful business — a representational document, which is an executive summary. We pay special attention to it after having collected all the necessary data about your project.

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Affordable Business Plan Writers

There is one amazing paradox you should know about Essays-Writer.net: we produce sophisticated business plans for all the possible corporate projects, but we still offer cheap business plan writing services, which will not be a strain on your resources. After you pay a sum you can afford for your order, we will open a special messaging system that allows you to communicate with your assigned writer directly. You will be able to discuss all the nuances related to your company’s or start-up prospects with the expert who specializes in your sphere, even if the field is narrow and unusual – we will find a perfect author for you!

Our specialists know the significance of a well-tailored business plan, as it creates a strong basis for further implementation of your business ideas surpassing your expectations. Hence, if you are searching for high-quality custom assistance at affordable rates, you have already found the best solution! After we produce a cheap business plan that will reflect all your strivings and intentions, you will eagerly recommend our service to your friends or colleagues.

We are cognizant of the fact that our clients come from different social backgrounds – mostly, they are students and ambitious start-up innovators, who have a very limited budget for their projects, not to mention business writing orders. Therefore, our cooperation will show you that our agency is customer-centered, so your success is equally important to us.

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Custom Business Plan Writers for Hire

You are one step closer to obtaining the most efficient custom business plan helper. Before contacting us with your inquiries, please delve into the benefits of Essays-Writer.net.

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Can I Hire Business Plan Writers for Cheap?

Who can potentially ask us a question, “Would you be so kind as to write my business plan assignment?” Besides being a young entrepreneur, you can also be a business management and administration student, who faces such a task for the first time. If you asked this question but still have doubts about placing an order, you can rest assured that our authors are selected through a painstaking competition: they have been writing numerous tests that checked their fluency in English and business-related expertise.

Only the most agile, forward-thinking, and competent candidates were able to join our team. If you cannot develop a thorough vision of a company’s prospects or fail to arrange extensive research into logical sections, a far-sighted decision is to purchase business plan help from Essays-Writer.net.

Your chosen specialist will generate a business plan that will fully cover the instructions and demands of your professor or will attract genuine investors to finance your state-of-the-art project. Our impressive experience will indisputably contribute to the promotion of your major business. The only thing required on your part is to leave us a brief message beyond all formalities, such as, “Could you do my business plan?” or “Can an expert write my business plan?”

Besides a plan for your commercial project, you can buy research papers, case studies, business speeches, and even business dissertations and term papers. You can buy a business plan as a student, as a business amateur, and also as a professional. Students benefit from our custom work, as they significantly improve their grades; young entrepreneurs learn from more experienced professionals to assess, analyze, and summarize the fundamental features of a certain organization or a venture; and even proficient businesspersons address us to scrutinize the potential relationship between their companies and newly emerged corporate partners.

Affordable Business Plan Writers

If you buy a business plan online written by one of the connoisseurs of Essays-Writer.net, your project will find investors shortly. We will create a business document that will elucidate the most compelling strivings of your company, along with interesting aspects of its development history. Your missions and strategies will be coherently presented so that your product will appear to be sought-after. Our specialists know some win-win tactics to make your project a magnet for angel investors, bank managers, venture capitalists, and other eventually interested parties.

To draw the attention even of unswerving investors, your expert carries out an in-depth investigation of your business, quickly discerning its pros and cons, as well as projecting the most favorable conditions for your company. Having the ideal project in mind and on paper, you become closer to signing a long-awaited contract or getting the desired funding.

Our experience in business writing reflects decades of hard work, incessant learning, and keeping abreast of times to be aware of all the business trends. We have mastered all those sly approaches that lenders and investors use to challenge a newly emerged business, so we know how to evoke their interest, even if they were not initially involved. Your authentically composed business plan will be comprised of valuable information presented most intellectually.

We will satiate this document with highly important business fundamentals that will make a difference in the sphere you are involved in once and for all! Your prospective investor will be amazed to immerse in reasonable financial projections, brand-new SWOT analysis, along with other original business strategies that demonstrate the value of your project. Undeniably, hiring a business plan writer at Essays-Writer.net is the cleverest decision you are going to make!