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We fully realize how challenging it can be for students to successfully tackle a wide variety of academic writing assignments, especially if the deadlines coincide. When it comes to literature review writing, one should keep in mind that sometimes they can be assigned as separate individual tasks, whereas in other cases, they are assigned as complementary parts of some larger projects.

For example, when it comes to dissertation writing, thesis paper writing, or term paper writing, the literature review section is a must. Before starting to write it, one should get prepared: find the necessary sources, read them carefully, highlight the key points, and only then start writing. Therefore, it is no wonder why so many students want to find a literature review writer – because they can get rid of the struggles connected with literature critique or review.

Literature Review Definition

When students are assigned a literature review for the first time, they often cannot understand what type of writing it is. A literature review is a piece of academic writing that combines summary and synthesis in one document. As it can be inferred from its name when you review something, you kind of provide an overview. When you are reviewing the literature, you need to identify the main ideas of a specific piece of literature, critically analyze it, evaluate it according to different criteria or ideas related to the paper topic, and then indicate what contributions it has made in the area of research.

When you are writing a literature review as a part of a research paper, most probably, you will be required to overview scholarly sources and then summarize and analyze them in-depth. Depending on the structure and the professor`s instructions, the word count limit may differ: on average, it ranges from 1,000 words to 10,000 words. These requirements are also different depending on the academic complexity level.

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If you want to submit a good literature review, it would be relevant to extract different sources that are related to the topic and that focus on its different perspectives. Afterward, you need to classify the sources, read them thoroughly, and then draw conclusions as to how they relate to the topic and what contributions they make to the area of research.

Literature Review Structure

The structure of a literature review depends on the initial requirements of review writing as well as on what paper it should relate to. For example, the structure of a literature review that is written as a separate assignment differs from a literature review written as a part of a doctoral dissertation. On the whole, whatever the purpose of writing is, remember that the structure of the review should help one prove a specific argument or idea.

Types of Literature Review

Types Of Literature Reviews

Argumentative Literature Reviews

The main issue here is to decide what perspective or standpoint you take, i.e. what aspect you agree on. It is also essential not only to put forward arguments but to provide your personal opinion as well. Some of the topics that may be suitable for argumentative review writing may deal with the problems of immigration, educational reforms, rules on the road, etc.

Historical Literature Review

Here you are expected to review a specific historical event and summarize explicitly what, when, how, and why happened. You may refer to some concepts or theories and even analyze how a specific event from the past may be influential for the present or future.

Systematic Literature Review

When writing this kind of review, you will have to come up with sufficient evidence on the given topic and pinpoint how that evidence could answer the research questions posed initially.

Narrative Literature Review

This review is inherent only in dissertation or thesis paper writing. It aims at answering the main questions posed in the dissertation. You also need to emphasize how specific research contributes to the overall research field or subject area.

Qualitative and Qualitative Meta-analysis Literature Reviews

These relate to some kind of extensive study, where you need to provide a review of statistics, numerical evidence, and other information that would be relevant to the future dissertation.

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Integrative Literature Review

You are expected to review literature related to a specific topic and try to delve into the issue from some other angle.

Elements of Literature Review Writing Process

In its classic form, a literature review is a concise summary of scholarly sources that relate to a specific topic. The main purpose is to provide a synopsis of the main findings, scholarly knowledge related to the topic, methodologies, appropriate theories, as well as gaps and limitations in the existing research.

If you want to provide an effective literature review, be sure that you should organize the writing process accordingly and follow all writing elements one by one. For instance, first of all, you have to find relevant scholarly publications, then narrow down your choice and try to study the sources in depth. After that, you have to summarize and critique them and explain what you have found and how it contributes to the research field.

Five Basic Elements of the Writing Process

  1. Search for appropriate literature.
  2. Analyze and evaluate sources.
  3. Identify themes, contradictory viewpoints, and gaps.
  4. Come up with a detailed outline of the structure.
  5. Start writing your literature review.

Writing Tips for Literature Review Writings

If you want to have a properly organized literature review, in the end, you need to follow a list of steps that will help to make the writing process smooth and logical. Check them out below:

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Step 1: Find relevant literature

Before you start searching for literature, you need to make sure that you have formulated the topic clearly and that you understand what sources you want to seek. After you have identified the focus of study, you can start searching for sources that relate to your area of study. Make sure the sources are credible, reliable, and up-to-date.

Step 2: Before selecting sources for your review, analyze them

After you have found the sources, you need to look through them and then focus on particularly those that closely deal with your topic. In other words, the sources should be most relevant. When skim reading, pay attention to the following elements of each source:

  • the main problem the author addresses;
  • the key concepts or ideas;
  • the key methodology used;
  • results and findings of the source;
  • the relevance of the publication within a large field;
  • contribution of the source to your understanding of the research topic;
  • strengths and weaknesses of the research that was described in the source.

Step 3: Focus specifically on the key themes

When you start outlining the main themes of the source, you will also pay attention to the contradictory points and the existing debates. Resultantly, you may be even able to identify some gaps within the research.

Step 4: Provide an outline of your literature review structure

Pick the best approach to the process of a literature review organization. Specifically, you may want to organize ideas according to the following methods:

  • chronological;
  • thematic;
  • methodological;
  • theoretical.

Step 5: Start writing your literature review

5 Steps to the Best Literature Review Writing

Dissertation Literature Review Writers

Even though the writing principles and tips we have provided above are fairly detailed, it may sometimes be a better and more prudent decision to address expert dissertation literature review writers for help. If you are worried that you will not be able to handle the assignment on your own or if you are not confident in your strengths, do not hesitate to contact our custom writing agency for professional assistance.

When you cooperate with an Essays-Writer.net literature review writer, you can be assured that the ideas and style will be consistent. Besides, the review will be provided in a proper analytical style so that you will get an A for it.

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If you want to get a reliable and trustworthy literature review writer, you should cooperate with reputable companies only. Nowadays, there is a wide abundance of custom writing services online, and there are frequent incidences when many of such companies turn out to be scams. Therefore, you need to check carefully what company you want to cooperate with.

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Top-Rated Literature Review Assignment Help

When you need literature review assignment help, it means that you are working on some kind of research paper. It can be a simple research paper that is to be submitted at the end of the course; it can be a custom coursework project, or it can be a thesis paper or a dissertation paper. Whatever the overall task is, a student will be required to work on the paper in a consistent and focused way, which can be a bit tough in terms of a tense academic workload.

More so, students are expected to find relevant and credible sources of information and even review plenty of examples online to understand well how a literature review should be structured.

If you want to come up with a successfully written and effective literature review, you need to plan the writing process. Specifically, you should know how to process a large massive of information and how to classify and synthesize the collected data. A literature review is not a summary, so keep in mind that you will need to apply your critical and analytical thinking skills as well.

You will have to put forward arguments, formulate strong topic sentences, and try to convey the main ideas from the sources about the main aspects of the dissertation or a custom research paper on the whole. Moreover, a literature review aims to provide an evaluation of the existing studies in a specific research field, pinpoint the research gaps, and analyze what potential findings could be helpful for the topic development. To put it frankly, a properly composed review should consist of a summary part and a synthesis part.

Write My Literature Review for Me

When students find themselves at a loss trying to fulfill their literature review task, they may encounter writer`s block and may try finding a professional writer with a request, «Please write my literature review for me.» It is really difficult to complete a literature review with ease. The task may not be much challenging and complicated but rather complex as it involves a pre-writing stage and writing stage.

At first sight, the task seems to be tedious, burdensome, and even a bit boring – it takes up a lot of time and effort. So, if you are not ready to be diligent, hard-working, and consistent in this process, it is better to find an expert literature review writer and ask him/ her for literature review writing help.

Apart from the whole organization of the writing process as well as the elaboration of the structure, it is equally important to pay attention to the format. Particularly, formatting and citation styles go hand in hand, so you need to be attentive to the instructions provided and to all of the peculiarities of the citation style.

As a rule, your ability to cite all the used sources properly and organize adequate referencing is as influential for your grade as your ability to write clearly and correctly. Particularly, when you are working on a Ph.D. dissertation, this skill to format and structure papers properly will come in particularly handy for you.

The only thing that can save your paper from mistakes and prevent you from failing is a professional custom writing service. Our company Essays-Writer.net provides excellent-quality literature review writing services that can satisfy the needs even of the most demanding customers. With us, you can be sure that structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mistakes and errors will be eliminated.

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