It has become a must to have excellent letter writers for hire as present-day communication mostly takes place either in emails or text messages. There are a lot of people who have never tried writing and sending conventional letters although this skill of composing an effective letter still remains necessary both for career development and personal life.

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Students have got used to using quick messengers, so their experience of writing traditional letters is frequently minor. Essays-Writer.net is a service that can assist everybody not confident in the skills of letter writing. Whatever occasion you have or whatever type of letters you need to compose, our business and personal letter writing service can assist.

There are numerous companies online that boast about providing the best services in the area of letter writing, but the reputation of Essays-Writer.net is unmatched, so it speaks for itself. If you place your first letter order with us, you will never be tempted to try the writing from some other company.

We have mastered the art of composing letters and we truly believe that no social media, emails, or instant messengers can replace a usual letter written to a friend or a business partner. You will have a look at the letter we have composed and you will see what difference this format makes in the field of communication.

For instance, young people eager to become college students ask us, “Write me a letter to impress my admission committee!” The quality of the letter plays a great role in the future of the applicants as the members of the committee have no other grounds to judge the applicants than an essay or a letter presented to them. Business owners place a lot of orders at Essays-Writer.net as they know that a poor business letter can spoil all the negotiations with the partners about an agreement.

In some cases, it is just impossible to do without a qualified letter writer. For instance, it happens under the following circumstances:

  • You would like to express your gratitude for an interview with an HR;
  • Your ambition is to get the letter published in the newspaper;
  • You need to compose an invitation for VIP guests;
  • You have an urgent writing assignment and you have no time to be creative.

These are only several out of dozens of reasons why the students need help writing a business letter. However, it is frequently complicated to cope with the task without any guidance from a specialist.

What makes the students seek professional help with the letter-writing tasks?

  • they have no experience in formal writing;
  • they are pressed for time and worried that they can spoil everything by writing in a hurry;
  • they feel that the case is too important to handle without professional assistance.

It will not be complicated to get help if you feel that the services of an expert will be of great use for you now. Have a look at the form for ordering, and give all the answers and order details, including the deadline, complexity level, number of pages, type of your letter, and so on. Check the options for making safe payments and choose the one you believe is the most convenient for you. We will verify your payment and find the most suitable writer in accordance with the description you have given.

If you want to, you can send messages in the order directly to the assigned writer! Having completed the order, the writer uploads it and after the deadline expires, it becomes available for the customer in the customer’s profile account. The service of free revision (during the first 48 hours after the order delivery) is one of the benefits of our company, but we are sure that there will be no reason for you to come for amendments. You pay for the service you want and we provide you with the desired outputs!

Secrets of Letter Writing: Get Guidelines from Experts

Formal Letter Structure

Letter writing is an art that can be mastered not by everybody. Business letters require simple and clear language and adherence to a specific format, style, and length. Informal language informal letters is a blunder that can cause trouble in the business world. It is important to ensure the proper arrangement of the elements in the letter to make sure that it looks appropriate.

You have to write the return address in the top right-hand corner, while the address of your partner should be on the left. The date can be placed either on the left or on the right with the month written as a word, for example, September 6. A proper salutation makes a great difference, and it is a matter of crucial importance to greet a person with the name. In case for some reason, it is not possible, you can use the form Dear Sir, Dear Madam. End the letter with the formal phrase ‘yours sincerely,’ or ‘yours faithfully’ and then sign it.

Efficient persuasive business letters, as well as other kinds of formal letters, imply the following several steps:

  1. Starting Stage

The name and address of the sender are followed by the date and contact details of the addressee. It is natural to have all this information involved in the letter itself instead of merely writing all that on the envelope. Recipients rarely keep envelopes and then they are at a loss where they can get the necessary contact details.

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  1. Formal Greeting

A letter addresses a certain business or individual with a standard ‘Dear.’ If it is absolutely impossible to find out any name, the salutation may be ‘to whom it may concern.’

  1. Working on the Letter Body

It is important to be consistent in presenting the information and follow a number of general provisions for letter writers.

  • no contractions in the formal letters;
  • focus on the key letter objective;
  • proofread before you send your letter to prevent confusion;
  • be patient and tactful.

Mind that every new idea should be given in a new paragraph. It is essential to focus on the clarity of the sent message and the concise nature of the conclusion.

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  1. Ending

After a blank space, add a closing paragraph and a complimentary (polite) closing. Sign the paper and add your full name beneath.

The students can have a look at the sample letters, but it will be a great mistake to copy-paste even a minor paragraph from someone’s work without appropriate referencing.

Elements of the Business Letter

Do not forget to provide all the required details about who you are and why you are writing the letter. Have a look at the template from a letter writing service below to get an insight into the proper structuring of a formal letter:

  • Salutation
  • Paragraph 1

In a recommendation letter, for instance, you give explanations regarding your acquaintance with the person you are writing about. You have to mention whether you know this person in question as a personality from personal relations or as a colleague or groupmate.

  • Paragraph 2

In this part, there should be specific information about the person, his or her qualification, potential contribution to the common activities, and reasons for writing this letter.

  • Summary

This is a part of the reference letter with a concise summarization of the reasons why you can recommend this particular person.

  • Conclusion

Mention a suggestion to give more details, if needed. Add an email address or your phone number for possible contacts and add the same details in the email signature or a letter section of a return address.

Personal Letter Writer for You

Professional Letter Writer for You

A good personal letter writer can be your rescuer if you need to accomplish too many tasks. It does not matter which of the following types of letters you need as he will be qualified to compose any of them.

  1. Appreciation Letter – This is a ‘thank you’ letter for a present, meeting, thing to lend, or any assistance.
  2. Business Letter – A formal letter with a specific structure, tone, and choice of vocabulary which are extremely important in business relations.
  3. Invitation Letter – If you want to gather a lot of people for a particular occasion, you can invite them all with a specially designed invitation letter. Sending an email will be an impolite manner of behavior.
  4. Editorial Letter – Addressing an issue that you would like to raise for a large audience, you can present it in a letter to the editor and have it published then in some magazine. It is natural that the letter should be properly polished.
  5. Cover Letter – This is an important letter when you would like to apply for a job and you want to show the hiring authority that you are the best among all the candidates.
  6. Letter of congratulations – When somebody has achieved some excellent results and it is significant for him, you would like to send him the greetings and congratulate him on what has happened. This letter will be the best solution.
  7. Thank-You letter – You need to be polite if somebody has done something important and meaningful for you. A thank you letter will be encouraging for those people and at the same time, it will show that you are grateful.
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  1. College Admission Letter – It is the only way to demonstrate to the committee that you will be one of the top students and that you deserve to be admitted.
  2. Personal Letter – An informal message can be easily sent via a personal letter addressed to a person you know well.
  3. Motivation letter – It is one of the requirements of entering a university and college.
  4. Letter of Complaint – Being disappointed with some service or product, you can send a letter to show that you are unhappy. It is essential to send a clear letter with all the explanations to get a refund or a replacement for the service or product you do not like.
  5. Friendly letter – You are free to include all kinds of information you want your friends to know, but it still has to adhere to a structure of a common letter.
  6. Letter of recommendation – Applying for a job, a person can attach some letters of recommendation to the application. This is a method of high evaluation of the candidate’s skills, abilities, character, and motivation.
  7. Love letter – It is one of the most creative ways to tell a person that you are in love. A letter writing service online can cope even with this touching kind of creating letters and it will ensure that its emotional effect is huge.
  8. Political letter – Being addressed to a politician or any other public figure, this letter can request certain transformations, improvements, or support. It frequently happens that such letters are published to draw the public attention.

Professional Business Letter Writer for You

A business letter writer can help you demonstrate your professionalism in writing as most probably you are used to sending emails, not formal letters. We will assist you to impress the people you are writing to as a poorly written letter can spoil the impression and the message sent will not achieve what it has been planned.

Business letters always have a certain structure that implies having a top of the page text, a proper salutation, the body with the content, and final closing with the initials of the author. The top of the page demonstrates the date when the letter is written, the sender’s address, as well as the recipient’s address, title, and name. A proper salutation typically includes the word ‘dear’ either to show professional respect or the tenderness of a friend. It is also applicable to use the salutation ‘to whom it may concern.’ A letter-writing company will take care of all the details and make sure that the closing part is also written at a high level of professionalism.

Services of a Professional Letter Writer: Affordable and High Quality

Hiring a professional letter writer nowadays is not an indication of a luxurious way of life or ignorance. Instead, it is a demonstration of the eagerness to do everything right and to make a proper impression. We will do everything needed for that and you will not have to go anywhere far! We have been getting requests like ‘Help me write a letter!’ for years and we know pretty well what our clients expect from us.

Just place your order and let us show you the level of letter writing you have never seen. You will be amazed at the affordability of the service that will bring so many benefits for you. Ordering any type of letter should not have any issues with the budget. We offer very competitive rates and you will get the best value for the money you pay.

Supreme Letter of Recommendation Writer

If you are asked to provide a letter of recommendation to an employee, friend, or any person you know personally, you should realize that it is a great responsibility and an experienced letter of recommendation writer could do your work at a higher level. Someone has asked you for a reference and that means that you have to follow the required format of a letter and adhere to all the standards as it is important for the future of this person.

First of all focus on the description of an opening if your friend wants to make a career in some organization. If your friend wants to enter some college or get a scholarship, you can contact our company and buy a letter of recommendation for college from us to let him have higher chances to be accepted. Try to be very careful with the language of your letter as it is a crucial factor that determines the success of your letter.

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If you buy a graduate letter of recommendation from Essays-Writer.net, we will make sure that all the required details are included in it. The letter will explain what relationship you have with an applicant and for how long you have known him or her. We will focus on one or two of your key characteristics to show that you are a perfect match for an opening, scholarship, or any program that accepts only the best candidates. We will include specific examples and sound positive to emphasize your strengths. We will make sure that other candidates will look less attractive and ready for the position than you do.

If you work on a letter yourself, do not forget to include all your contact details for the committee to be able to get in touch with you, if needed.

Top Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

Resume and Cover Letter Writers

Our top resume and cover letter writing services will give you a perfect chance to build your future and make a successful career. Your resume will be prepared in such a way that your future employer will have a look at it for several seconds and understand that you should be their staff member. All letters composed by our experts are compelling and highly competitive. We will make an effective blend of your personal qualities and professional background to show that you will add value to the company.

You can order a medical school letter of recommendation, any other types of letters, CVs, and cover letters from us. A cover letter prepared by our writer will strengthen your application and show your genuine interest in the position. We will tailor exclusive letters and your hiring manager will have no doubt that the organization will benefit if you are hired.

Buy a letter essay from Essays-Writer.net and your application will rank high among the others. Produce the first impression that will determine your future. Introduce yourself so that the manager will not forget you.

Gain the edge and reach what you have been dreaming about. If you need us to help you with a follow-up letter after you have been to the interview, we will gladly assist as well. You will say thank you and that politeness will earn you extra bonuses. Let us be your guides in career-making!