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Evangelistic Method #1

The Romans Road is a famous method of presenting the Gospel using the Scriptures taken from the Biblical Book of Romans. Some scientists say that the Romans Road is a false way to salvation because it does not include the Gospel, where according to the first Corinthians 15:1-4 there is only death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, it is an intellectual evangelistic method to teach others that one may be rescued. In this approach verses of the Bible are placed in a special order, where one may understand who needs salvation, why salvation is needed, how salvation is provided by God, and how a person may respond to such a grant.

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The advantage of this method is that it uses biblical structure and lets the non-Christians believe in God and that every person can be rescued. Another advantage of this method is that it is used not on human logic but understanding of the Bible and the Scriptures. Such an approach makes a non-Christian person think about God and the way He sees mankind and its sins, personal sins of each other. The Romans Road is a good way for a non-Christian to start believing in God and trust His teaching.

The disadvantages of this method appear when a Christian person faces an atheist, who cannot accept that God exists. Atheists are not open to listening to God, they are afraid of His power. Besides, every argument will be followed with “I do not believe in God” from them. The point is that not every evangelist may use this method wisely; thus there is always a risk of conflict when the method of Romans Road is not used correctly.

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Evangelistic Method #2

Lifestyle evangelism is another method of preaching. This method is used by a person in everyday life, hoping that others will see this and will be impressed by the way God influences one’s life. After this, they may consider becoming a Christian. This method focuses on living holy winsome life among the non-believers and trying to make them believe. It has been popular in the last decade of the twentieth century and is still popular nowadays among Christians in the Western part of the United States of America. Those who use it say that this very method has been used by Jesus Christ. He has been showing everyone around him how good it is to believe in God, and a lot of people believed him.

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The main advantage of this method is that a person does not need to either cite the Bible, make non-believers listen to a long lecture, or hold useless discussions with atheists, trying to prove to them that God exists. It is about the way a Christian lives. It is well known that the best example is your own. Therefore, if a Christian shows how good it is to live according to Christian laws and how good it is to believe in God, an atheist will doubt that his or her points of view might have been wrong.

On the other hand, this method of evangelism has one disadvantage that may influence greatly. A Christian may think that using this method is enough to make a non-Christian belief in God. However, this method should not be used separately from the other methods. An atheist will not believe in God only seeing somebody other having a diligent lifestyle; he or she will not care about that at all. Nevertheless, if a Christian shows a non-believer how he or she lives, and points that everything is thanks to God, an atheist will probably change his or her mind. It is very important not only to live the way Jesus Christ lived but also to show it to non-believers.

Evangelistic Method #3

Door to Door method of evangelism is a confrontational method; it is frequently called the Door Knocking method. It helps Christians reach non-Christians directly in their homes. Besides, it is one of the oldest methods of explaining to people how important God is. It has been used from the earliest times of the church until nowadays. There are several ways of implementing this method into life, although the most popular one is when a small group of people from a church go from door to door in the district and explain to those who seem to be lost, that they may be rescued. Also, such groups of believers invite non-Christians to their church and pray with them. While going from door to door, one should remember that it is important to show kindness and to be disposed to non-Christians. The main advantage of this method is that a believer sees how much he or she can do, how many people can be helped. On the other hand, it may become the most influential disadvantage, because atheists are often very aggressive and are not intended to listen to those who try to help them. Besides, people may be annoyed when a believer interrupts what they have been doing, and thus a non-believer will not be opened to listen.

Application of These Methods to Your Own Life

In this paper, I have analyzed three methods of evangelism: the Romans Road, the lifestyle evangelism, and the Door to Door evangelism having presented a brief overview of every method and its advantages and disadvantages. I have used all these three methods in my life, although in different periods of it. The Door to Door method was used when my parents and I visited our neighbors to help them find God in their hearts, to explain that evangelism is nothing bad, and their children should attend Sunday church services. Very often the door was closed right in front of our faces but even more often people listened to us, trying to understand and willing to find God.

However, nowadays the methods of the Romans Road and the lifestyle evangelism are more suitable for me because they give me more freedom to choose. I do not only explain to people how good it is to live with Lord in their hearts, but also I show them God’s influence on everything I do. Although the method of Romans Road has its disadvantages, I think it is the best way to show non-believers that they still may be saved, that they may find God and go on living as a Christian should live.

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