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This essay was written by Meghan Daum; and it refers to one of the most urgent issues to be solved: the question about abortion. The author’s position is that men, husbands, should also have the right to decide whether a woman should agree to kill the unborn child or not. It is no wonder that a woman or a girl nowadays decides on her own whether to agree for abortion or not; most of pregnant women agree due to some educational, religious or social factors. The author gives as an example a story of a young boy who suggested that if a father is willing to have that responsibility, he should adopt that child after his or her birth.

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In my opinion this essay is written correctly, with the use of all the structure elements and some ideas of the author. Besides, this essay contains some serious suggestions about future life of modern society. I agree to the author of this essay, because such problem as abortion is very urgent nowadays and it should be solved. Besides, I think that if two persons are a couple and a girl is pregnant, both should be responsible for that unborn child, thus both should decide whether a girl should agree for abortion or not.

The Jacket

This essay was written by Gary Soto, an American a prolific poet, essayist, playwright, and film producer. The first lines of the essay show that this is an autobiographical story, memories from the author’s childhood. This story is about a boy who was in the sixth grade, the period of self-assuring. That time Gary’s mother has bought him a new jacket that looked ugly, not the way he wanted it to be. Besides, it was of too big size for him that is why he concluded that he would wear it for a long time; and it happened like that because the next new jacket he has got three years later. The author loathed that jacket so much that he used to think that this jacket brought only bad luck: bad grades, no relations with any girl. But in the end, he became to like that jacket and was wearing it when nobody could notice that.

This story is full of light and bright atmosphere of childhood; every reader may remember his or her own childhood and perhaps, such a jacket. In my opinion, this story is well written, it is of high quality, because it is full of kind emotions. Besides, this story is a narrative one, and its composition is complete.

Hungering for Sounds of Silence

The next essay was written by Eileen Baylor. This essay is the response for modern trend to decline all the rules of etiquette, especially according to cell phones. It has become very annoying to the other that some people talk over the mobile phone all the time. The most annoying is that some people are addicted to such talks; they think that their friends and all passers-by are interested in what they have been doing, where they have been eating, and which limousine service he or she had booked. The essay is full of examples, stories that have happened in real life. One story is very remarkable, because it happened in a train and one passenger was annoyed by the talk of another one, so he came up to him and smashed his phone on the floor.

Nowadays people have become too selfish, which is proven once again by this essay and such examples. In my opinion, this essay is mediocre. It cannot be named poor because it does addresses important issues that should be solve; on the other hand, such an essay cannot be called good, because the essay is not well organized.

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The Piper Cherokee and the Cessna 172

This essay was written by Brittany Markovic.  The main idea of this essay is to show that people know not much about airplanes; the most popular airplane, and perhaps the most well known, is the Boing 747. However, the author of the essay states that the best airplane for students is Cessna 172. After such a statement the author proves this idea with some examples, she proves that such an airplane is comfortable and powerful enough. Although it is small and not as powerful as other big airplanes, but on the other hand its fuel system is much better than on other airplanes. One more advantage of Cessna 172 is that it is much better than the piper Cherokee; on the other hand, those two airplanes have different purposes: Cessna 172 is used more often for students and the piper Cherokee was designed to transport different loads.

This essay is more analytical than all the previous ones, although it also has some disadvantages, so it cannot be called a good written work. The main problem is that the paper should have contained the difference between the piper Cherokee and the Cessna 172, which was not provided.

A Mixed Tex-Cal Marriage

The essay “A mixed Tex-Cal Marriage” was written by José Antonio Burciaga, an outstanding writer and publisher. This essay is about real life of married couple; although it was written long ago, the problems described here are actually nowadays. When they were married, both thought that they had a lot in common, they liked the same food; they had similar points of view and supported the same parties and organizations. One day the husband has realized that his wife cooks different food to what his mother used to cook; he understood that all their meal habits are too much different. His wife did not like his clothes and he did not like her favorite music and her style of clothing. When they have married and the first baby was born, they decided to live nearer to home, but then they began to argue nearer to whose home: Cecilia was from California and the author of the essay from Texas; however California was chosen and nowadays the author is happy.

This is an autobiographical story, but unlike “The Jacket” this story is from adult times. To my mind, this story is of good quality, it contains narration about his life and suggestion of some new idea, the idea of mixed marriages.

Graffiti: Taken a closer look

The author of this essay is Christopher M. Grant, the lieutenant in South Dakota State. The author of the essay explains and clarifies what graffiti is and its meaning in the gangster subculture. Grant explains why the graffiti is used in the gangster subculture, what the main ideas and purposes of using it are. Besides, there is a suggestion that graffiti is one of the ways of communicating between those gangs. The second part of the essay is devoted to the impact of graffiti; the author explains that graffiti is not only the financial burden for the state budget, but also it affects the psychological state of the citizens of the community. In the conclusion the author states that nowadays graffiti are thought to be victimless crime, but the situation may change greatly in the nearest future.

This essay is of good quality because it contains all the main and necessary parts of a quality essay: there is an introduction, a body and a conclusion; the author of the essay tries to explain all the unknown facts and suggests some new ideas.

Teaching Our Kids To Shoot ‘Em Up

Mass media became an important tool of influencing a lot of people at the same time. This is one of the most important issues that are explained in this essay. The author states that parents should control what their child is doing and what web sites he or she visits. Besides video games are full of violence, that is why parents should control how often and how much their child plays such games; however parents are not to blame in such situations, but the producers of such games. Psychologists all over the world discuss that such production should be controlled and companies that manufacture video games should produce less such games, so they are not sol to children and even teenagers. Children so not realize that death is not temporary in real life as it is in video games; they see that more lives may be granted when a new level is got, and it seems to children that such situation is the same in real life. Researchers have proved that children become more aggressive and violent after watching TV and playing video games. The author suggests that parents should pay more attention to their children and TV and video games should The situation described in this essay is wide spread in modern world. Parents are busier with their own lives and video games and TV become real friends to some children. This essay is a quality one, although it is of a mediocre quality. There are no new ideas explained; on the other hand, the problems described in this essay are urgent and need to be solved.

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