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Some experts argues that for women to get similar job like men they first need to have higher qualification than the men that have been taken for the same kind of job. These simply means that women are required to worker extra harder in order to get a similar job with men therefore, the qualification of women is relatively higher than that of the men who are doing the same job. This is a clear indication of biasness that occurs at the workplace on the basis of gender.

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Gender Wage Gap

Result that was obtained during the research which was carried in London among graduates was consistent with this analogy. On addition to that by the fact that women tend to be more qualified it’s expected that they should get higher salary than their counterparts but to the amazement of many this does not usually occur.

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On the contrary the opposite happens and it appears like that is what our culture has taught us since there seems to be a few or no complain at all. That is the reason why relatively, men in the same job with women are more advantaged because they are entailed to a higher salary than their female counterparts.

These is the reason why children are influenced by these same factors at school because a single mother who is earning less than her male counterpart worker may not be in a position to offer her child an education that the child of her fellow worker is having. The reason is because of the differential salaries. Educational performance is of little importance in determination of the starting salaries. Research that has been conducted reveals that an individual academic performance is rarely looked at when they are deciding his begging salary (Dipboye & Colella, 2005).

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