The research paper outline presents components that are crucial for the author’s text. It is an organizer of your ideas and assumptions. It is organized in a way that each point is included, so the process of paper writing becomes simplified and more effective. An outline is referred to bookmark in the context of PDF. The research paper outline PDF serves as a navigation aid.

Without a correct structure, it will be complicated to present your research findings in a way that is academically acceptable and powerfully built for analysis. The outlining process happens after the research has been accomplished but before the actual completion of the paper.

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Why Outlining Is Important

Besides ensuring organization, structure, and efficiency, an outline establishes a framework for your paper. It allows for better comprehension of the course of information in your research and assures completeness.

The aim of the research paper lies in stating your stance on the subject and ensuring well-documented, precise, and genuine investigations in a structured manner. Behind every high-quality paper, there is a good outline.

How to Develop a Homework Outline

Start the development of the homework outline by thinking through the aim of the paper. Consider your contribution to scholarly research, technology, etc. Reveal what matters to you and make notes. You can reveal various fields and provide an art history research paper outline, high school research paper outline on women’s rights, or any other research paper outline that deals with the topic you are most interested in.

Next, define your target audience. They are academic professors, university students, fellow scholars, and researchers. Take into account the readers’ previous knowledge on the topic. What problems and questions can be raised? How would you respond to them? It is necessary to think if it is reasonable to address them in the research discussion.

Use Your Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement serves as the road map for your research paper that reports what to expect from it. It’s commonly a single sentence at the beginning of the paper that introduces your argument briefly.

State your thesis statement at the beginning of your research paper outline to present a clear direction from the beginning to the end. Choose your topic and three arguments to support your opinion to provide a persuasive research paper outline.

Writing an Ideal Research Paper Outline

Commonly, an outline includes five parts: introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. These parts present the primary components. Under each element, a layer of secondary points will be created. A third, fourth or fifth layer can be even added.


As a rule, the first line of the introduction is your thesis statement. The remained part of the introduction includes the significance, objectives, and overview of your paper. This part can be completely challenging for inexperienced writers since you have to evaluate the extent to which your research is noteworthy. Occasionally, it is better to outline this section after you decided about the rest of the structure.


This section covers the scale and the analysis of methods (qualitative or quantitative) that were used in the research. If there is a combination of methods, you need to discuss each method separately. In general, this section explains the way of conducting the research and the validity of the methods (thus, the results are likely to be accurate).


You have to describe the results for each method in this part. It is not the conclusion of the research. Particularly, if it is active experimentation, you need to explain the process and the rough outcome. If it is quantitative, the results must be mathematically accurate. If it is qualitative, the results should answer the primary questions.


In the discussion part, you need to depict the contribution of your findings to the subject knowledge base, and the importance of each result in an analytical, explanatory, and argumentative aspect. You might strive to incorporate relevant citations from sources to support your points of view.


Resume the purpose of the paper by recording considerable research results, sharing suggestions, and appealing for further research within a recommendable scale. This is where you present a well-thought-through final argument, including whether the hypothesis was correct or incorrect, and how the research can be used as the foundation of future research.


Outline formatting is very comprehensible. Adhere to the consistency of the headings. For the primary points, you have to use roman numerals. As well you need to use capital letters for the secondary points, and numbers for tertiary ones.


You can use APA style to complete an APA style research paper. However, there are also other styles such as MLA or Chicago styles.

There is no need to include references in your outline. However, in the final paper, you have to select in-text citations or footnotes when referring to your sources. Your reference or bibliography page should be at the end of a research paper.

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