When students receive an assignment to write an essay on a healthcare issue, they usually do not bother with a topic choice and go for the first topics that come to their minds: the causes and symptoms of Type II diabetes/breast cancer/cardiovascular disease, etc.

We do not mean to say that these topics are not important or not interesting; however, choosing the same topics most students in your class do will not help you get a high grade. Frankly speaking, the sphere of medicine and healthcare can give you dozens of intriguing issues to write about. You can choose from health argumentative essay topics, health care policy topics, ethics topics in health care, and so on. Check out the following argumentative essay health topics and choose your ideal topic.

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Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Imagine you have already chosen a topic from the list of healthcare research topics for an argumentative essay and you realize that you are stuck and have no idea where to start, what is your next move? Quite often, college essay topics turn out to be more challenging than students expected, so it might be reasonable to ask for help.

In their quest for the medical professions of their dreams, students pursue degrees in prestigious universities across the world. The most popular among them include Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge universities, which have strong health programs for students. Other popular institutions include Stanford, John Hopkins University, UCL, and many others. If you would like to apply to one of them, just make your choice and apply.

With a few years of hard work and you will be a Doctor of Science. Of course, a student has to go a long way before obtaining a Ph.D., and even though the efforts one has to put in depending on the current qualifications and knowledge of a student, the process is challenging.

Sooner or later, you will be faced with the necessity to select a topic for your dissertation. It will have to be more sophisticated than research topics for college students. You will have to conduct comprehensive research and propose your solution to the existing issue. Therefore, the topic will have to be well thought out because it will determine the quality of your paper.

If you are not working on your dissertation yet, consider the following debate topics for college students. Once you hone your writing skills by creating strong papers on research papers topics for college, think yourself prepared for the writing challenges to come as you pursue your Ph.D.
To begin with, consider the research fields, in which you can choose your topic:

  • Diseases, their causes, and symptoms, risk factors, treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and complications.
  • Leadership and management in healthcare facilities.
  • Healthcare education and training of medical staff.
  • Medical ethics topics.
  • Medical research topics and related professions.
  • Legal issues in healthcare.
  • Innovations, discoveries, and progress.
  • The impact of technology on healthcare processes.
  • Mental /physical disability.
  • Upbringing healthy children.

Now, let us have a look at more detailed topics. If you are planning to obtain Ph.D., you can adapt the topics for your future independent research. Besides, the list is perfect for other paper types, such as lab reports, research papers, custom coursework, custom essays, proposals, and so on. You can modify the topics or use them as they are.

Topics on Argumentative Essay About Healthcare

Write an Essay on Health Care

  1. List how the American government can invest in the improvement of healthcare services in the country.
  2. List how governments can support independent research and discoveries.
  3. Describe the inequalities you think exist in the American healthcare system.
  4. Why do you think the majority of nurses are females (both locally and on a global scale)?
  5. Choose one of the most controversial health issues and propose a solution.
  6. Describe the data storage system you think is the most convenient.
  7. Analyze the pros and cons of the electronic health record system.
  8. Analyze the shift from inpatient to ambulatory care.
  9. What is the quality of healthcare services in asylums? What are the possible consequences of poor healthcare services there?
  10. How do asylums treat people with mental issues?
  11. What are the most serious issues associated with healthcare in prisons?
  12. What are your thoughts on euthanasia?

Healthcare Management Topics

Healthcare Management Topics for College Students

Management in healthcare facilities has its challenges. A carefully selected topic in this area will help you create a persuasive paper on leadership.

  1. Define and describe four basic functions of healthcare management.
  2. What are the characteristics of a privately owned community hospital?
  3. How can a registered nurse become a physician and which obstacles are there?
  4. The leadership roles of a surgeon during surgery.
  5. Discuss the legal responsibilities of administration in hospitals.
  6. How human resources management can help improve the quality of healthcare?
  7. The differences in the management of public and private healthcare hospitals.
  8. How can leaders improve the relationships among staff members in a hospital?
  9. The role of the healthcare environment on the working processes.
  10. Name 5 management principles crucial to the effective coordination of healthcare processes.
  11. Discuss the correlation between patient outcomes and hospital revenue.
  12. How to manage financial reporting in healthcare facilities?
  13. What are the duties of a nurse?
  14. Discuss the correlation between regular staff training and patient satisfaction.

Exceptional Health Essay Topics

Health Essay Topics

Are you seeking exclusive health essay topics? Take a look at the themes highlighted below. You will find a great theme for your piece of writing among the presented items.

Vegetarianism Topics

  1. The positive effect of vegetarianism.
  2. Eating meat-free food: the consequences.
  3. Veganism is a means of improving one’s health.
  4. Vegetarian food versus vegetable ones.

Obesity and Anorexia Topics

  1. Obesity is a kind of eating disorder.
  2. Ways of managing bulimia.
  3. The influence of feminism on women suffering from anorexia.
  4. How to help women suffering from bulimia?

Insomnia Topics

  1. What causes insomnia?
  2. How to cope with insomnia?
  3. Studies – one of the main reasons for insomnia.
  4. Sleeping pills: an effective way of treating insomnia or placebo?
  5. Is traditional medicine efficient at treating insomnia?
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Mental Disorders Topics

  1. Methods for treating a behavioral disorder.
  2. Means of treating a Bipolar Disorder.
  3. The powerful effect of cognitive therapy on mental disorders.
  4. The role of antidepressants in treating depression.

Health Care Sector Topics

  1. Paid and free medical treatment: the pros and cons.
  2. Health insurance: advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Self-treatment: an opportunity to heal oneself or a way of damaging one’s health.
  4. Private hospitals versus private ones.

Euthanasia Argumentative Topics

  1. Euthanasia: a crime or a relief for patients?
  2. People’s opinions about euthanasia.
  3. Can patients choose how they want to die?
  4. The ethical side of euthanasia.
  5. What do people living in different countries think about euthanasia?

Controversial Medical Topics for an Argumentative Essay

Medical Topics for an Argumentative Essay

With the help of the list of interesting controversial medical topics for an argumentative essay provided below, you will forget about the challenges of selecting subjects.

  1. Is there a connection between bad health and poverty?
  2. Is the cost of medical services fair in America?
  3. What items comprise the cost of health care in the USA?
  4. System of donors: advantages and disadvantages.
  5. Should homeless people have a right to free medical treatment?
  6. Is homeopathy an effective method of improving one’s health?
  7. Should people without medical insurance be provided with medical aid?
  8. Is it necessary to punish medical malpractice?
  9. Is it worth allowing doctors to advertise some pills?
  10. Should there be a translator in the hospitals treating minorities?
  11. Is it necessary to legalize abortions? (Professors do not recommend picking this topic since it has already been explored a huge number of times.)
  12. Surrogate pregnancy: should it be used on-demand or just due to health problems?
  13. Do people with mental disorders have to be treated in society and not outside it?
  14. Vaccination: should it be obligatory?
  15. Should organ transplantation be available only for people leading healthy life?
  16. Should personal data about the patient (children, achievements, marital status, etc.) be taken into account when it goes about organ transplantation?
  17. Are doctors supposed to report on organ donation?
  18. Should doctors be allowed to cure minors despite the desires of their parents?
  1. Is it worth legalizing marijuana?
  2. The influence of TV shows about diets on people? Do they motivate people to look after their health or do they have an adverse effect?
  3. Do TV shows focused on cosmetic surgery make people addicted to it? Should they be prohibited in such a case?
  4. Is it worth banning TV programs advertising alcohol?
  5. Is it worth banning TV advertisements for fast food?
  6. Should authorities be controlling fast food chains?
  7. Obesity: an individual problem or a public one? Should people suffering from obesity be given extra days off?
  8. Can physical exercises damage one’s health?
  9. Should teenagers be able to get birth control pills?
  10. Who should decide on the destiny of the elderly (children, doctors, or an elderly person)?
  11. Should the government ban the import of goods produced at the expense of someone’s health?
  12. Should authorities make more effort to persuade people to lead a healthy life?
  13. Is it worth allowing genetic engineering tests?
  14. Can medical research be threatening? In what way?
  15. Is it required to develop the area devoted to manufacturing robots that could replace doctors? Highlight the disastrous effect of the issue.
  16. Is it ethical to use mice for testing medical products?
  17. Should there be any restrictions on tests on people?
  18. Should the government allocate more money to medical research projects?
  19. Should medical scientists search for ways of making people immortal? At present, there are a large number of establishments concentrated on producing different kinds of medicine able to delay aging.
  20. If scientists were able to find a solution to one serious illness, what would it be: a cure for AIDS, cancer, diabetes, or any other disease?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health Care

Topics on Health Care

It is sometimes very complicated to pick a good theme among a great number of persuasive essay topics on health care. To make the selection process easier, we have created a comprehensive list of engaging subjects.

  1. Melanoma: what is it and how should it be cured?
  2. Osteoporosis is a silent and slow killer. How to detect such a disease?
  3. At present, a large number of people suffer from autism. Why such a disorder was not detected when they were kids?
  4. What role do educational institutions play in solving the problem of obesity?
  5. Women are more prone to heart attacks than men. Prove the statement by putting forward concrete facts.
  6. The role of meditation in exercising the power of the mind.
  7. What are the key issues of relieving stress that people are unfamiliar with?
  8. Highlight the advantages of mastectomy.
  9. Birth control methods: are they effective or helpless?
  10. Vasectomy – a wrong decision.
  11. Menopause – is a serious women’s problem. How do men cope with similar issues in their life?
  12. Health insurance: advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Is alternative medicine helpful in managing menopause?
  14. Specifics of homeopathy: how it works, its positive and negative features.
  15. Fast food cafes are not liable for people’s obesity.
  16. Can short breaks for physical exercises boost employees’ efficiency?
  17. Biological weapons and their effect on people. What challenges people may face when dealing with such weapons?
  18. The destructive effect of the aging population on the state of the healthcare sector.
  19. Being a leader: how it affects one’s health?
  20. There are many cases of medical malpractice. What are the reasons for such an issue and how it can be resolved?
  21. The impact of noise on human organs. Can noise harm one’s health?
  22. Easier access to medical prescriptions should not be encouraged.
  23. Are “smoking” areas efficient? Do they help cope with the problem of smoking?
  24. Why do men unlike women get razor bumps?

Fantastic Healthcare Argumentative Essay Ideas

Healthcare Argumentative Essay Ideas

Are you looking for great healthcare argumentative essay ideas? Scrutinize the points highlighted below.

  1. What are the most effective means of reducing the stress that people have never heard of?
  2. Why fast-food restaurants are often blamed for damaging people’s health? Are all accusations just?
  3. Is it right to do a mastectomy? Provide arguments both for and against such an operation.
  4. What is the cost of medical errors? What should be done to prevent malpractice in the medical area?
  5. Fitness is a helpful means of both improving people’s health and productivity.
  6. Men and women: whose organism is stronger?
  7. The history of acupuncture. Such a medical procedure is very popular among people suffering from different kinds of pain. Explain how acupuncture together with traditional medicine can help people get rid of pain once and for all.
  8. The negative effect of birth control medicine on women’s health. Either prove or disapprove of the matter. Support your statement with concrete facts and compelling evidence.
  9. Is meditation useful? Can it make people feel calm and forget about anxiety and stress?
  10. AIDS. Provide information about testing in the area and the most popular myths.
  11. Modern trends in alternative medicine. What are the most popular methods of alternative medicine? Can they be used together with techniques relating to traditional medicine? Are they effective at curing people? Give examples.
  12. Why is vasectomy sometimes considered damaging to one’s health? Defend your position by putting forward persuasive arguments.
  13. Financing the health care area on the part of authorities.
  14. Health care systems of the USA and the UK. Which one is more effective?
  15. Drawbacks of medical reforms. What to pay attention to?
  16. Why is the profession of a nurse chosen by women mainly?
  17. Health: what issues can damage it most of all?
  18. What storage systems are considered the most reliable?
  19. The pros and cons of electronic databases.
  20. Asylums in the USA: are the provided services professional enough?
  21. Is prisoners’ state of health monitored?
  22. Should the national medical system be introduced in the UK?
  23. Anorexia: a mental disorder or a physical state?
  24. How the treatment of AIDS can be improved? Is there a need for any special equipment or medicine?
  25. Unhealthy people – unsuccessful country.
  26. The influence of smoking on the heart.
  27. What are the main reasons for a heart attack? How to prevent it?
  28. Is it necessary to prohibit tobacco and alcohol advertisements? How can it impact the country’s economy?
  29. Mental health: what to keep in mind to stay healthy?
  30. Without cigarette advertisements, people will be healthier.
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Additional Health Care Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Which resources are necessary for effective treatment and prevention of AIDS?
  2. The correlation between a country’s economy and the health of a nation.
  3. What other organs except the lungs suffer from smoking?
  4. The ethical implications of male and female circumcision.
  5. Can financial compensation for doctors be too high?
  6. What everyday practices can help people stay healthy?

You have reviewed 150 impressive healthcare topics! Before making the final choice, ask yourself the following questions: Is the topic interesting? Is it controversial? Will I be able to find enough information on it? Will my research contribute to the improvement of the issue?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to most of these questions, then you have found the topic you need!


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