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The ‘Tale of Filippa’ illustrates new attitudes towards women in Italian society. For example, women became more empowered than before. They are the center of attraction, with calls from all sections of society to promote gender equality. Women now have control of situations in their life, and they make independent sexual choices.

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Evolution Of Attitudes Towards Women in Italy

Women are seen as unpredictable in modern society. They may be interested or not interested in something. They may love to take, or love to give. They can be self-centered as well as generous. They do not have a perfected way of thinking or behaving. Women can be a source of suffering or happiness. They can easily accept situations as Monna Giovanna and Filippa did. However, it may sometimes be difficult to accept reality. A woman may behave differently in the same circumstances. She can also behave the same in different circumstances. Men, therefore, have to use their instincts to understand them. They have to accept women for what they are.

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In Italian society, women are seen to be influenced by their own choices. They have changed from being influenced by male dominance. This was the tradition many years ago, as evident from the ‘Tale of Filippa’. They make love as a playful experience, trying to get the best from their relationship. Boccaccio illustrates that love either ends with a permanent tie called marriage or with tragedy. This may not necessarily be true. However, since women can easily become interested or uninterested in their love affairs, such relationships may have or lack direction. Women are viewed as taking everything as either a delightful or serious experience. Therefore, they may just pursue happiness and enjoyment, or they may look for a focused relationship. However, women can pursue both and will sometimes give mixed reactions to what they want (Heffernan).

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Boccaccio’s illustration of women’s tendency to love many men reflects a certain type of attitude towards women in Italian society. Their characteristic of being rather changeable affirms this assumption. They tend to be adventurous. Boccaccio’s illustration of immorality as being a consequence of freedom of choice can be related to such assumptions even today. In Italian society, women do not betray their husbands because there is a change of heart and mind. Rather, they reject a conventional bond that is not meaningful to them. This meaning is related to matters of the heart and, thereby, of their senses. Marriage is also born out of free choice, and it is the logical crowning of love. However, it could lead to disaster if it is imposed upon individuals. Marriage could be ended if there is no reciprocity in it. Women are generally accepted to return favors. They are also expected to grant favors. They can adjust quickly. For example, the way Emilia casually settled for a festive wedding with Palemon reveals an overcapacity in adjustment circumstances. This is as opposed to what it was compared to in earlier thinking: chronic and criminal immorality.

In Italian society, women are believed to indulge in bold adventures so that they can be happy. They, therefore, risk much and get much in return. For those who are nervous, love is not their business. They usually have absolute ideals for institutions such as marriage. Women are not treated hypocritically in Italian society. For example, in the ‘Tale of Filippa’, Madonna Filipa knows what she wants and she always tries to achieve her set goal (Franco).


Boccaccio’s Decameron illustrates attitudes towards women in Italian society. Women have been empowered, and they make independent choices. They are no longer influenced by male dominance. They are unpredictable and may sometimes have problems facing reality. They pursue enjoyment and happiness in everything they do. In addition, women are viewed as adventurous and not hypocritical. They know what they want and they take pains to achieve it.

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