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Sexuality in Kate Chopin’s Story

The time when Chopin lived and worked was a bit cruel about women’s sexuality. There was a belief that women have no sexual desires and they should behave themselves as men demand. Chopin disagreed with these ideas and wrote many fictional stories to reconsider the place of a woman in society’s views by showing her sexuality.

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A great role in expressing these ideas played her story “Storm” which shows us the breaking of adopted standards. The story presented us with a brief love affair between Alcée and Calixta. All events of the story happened in the 19th century in Louisiana. The characters mentioned above are Creoles. The story begins by introducing us to Bobinot and Bibi who is his young son. Being trapped in the middle of the storm they decided to wait for the end of it in one store they found. This time Bobinot’s wife Calixta stayed at home alone and when she met Alcée who was seeking a place to hide a bang of emotions banged in the souls of two persons. There can be a symbolic meaning of a storm around because the meeting made both of them something they had not felt before being married people. Kate Chopin showed us how their faithlessness influences their psychological states that are how the feelings of repression and loneliness are changed by the feelings of refreshing and happiness. They’re engaging in sex is shown in the story as an apple for bible Eve and sexuality here played a great role in being a starting point to the opposite side of a soul. This is what should be mentioned about the plot to open the meaning of sexuality.

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Describing Sexuality in the “Storm”

Chopin described forbidden love between Alcée and Calixta to give her own opinion about that and give some objective appraisal to change timeworn canons introducing some freedom into relationships. The situation of couple ruins beliefs of Creoles of Louisiana that times, they engage in sex being both married on different people and that according to Creole’s style of life is an unbelievable thing. Of course, that is a normal thing sometimes to animalize for a human its instincts but here sexuality was the beginning. Sexuality appears here as something that gave a chance to open what had been closed for a long time by marriage and believes.

Using all these methods of narration Chopin tried to persuade a reader to second and follow sexual freedom by freeing oppressed desires. Moreover, she stated the necessity of such freeing for a person even when she was tied to a husband or wife but it seems that the main reason is most likely to raise the women’s rights to men’s ones and that is why her views can be considered as “feministic”.

Chopin is one of the women trying to raise all the women’s rights by giving them more power and freedom. Sexuality here is just a feature of a woman that helps her to create some personality and individual but not an extension of a husband as it was at that time. Women have feelings, thoughts, and experiences without men and can the same position as men.

Storm by Kate Choplin Summary Example

Describing sexuality as something that gives a person a chance to feel desired feelings Chopin gives new views, the new style of living, creates a basis for new times and new beliefs. Women’s role in society was changed a bit and it was widen a bit. Chopin did what she had expected to do.

Sexuality in the “Storm” is shown as starting point to the desired feeling and Chopin states the necessity of it in the life of every individual.

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