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Invention of internet technology almost 40 years ago has made the world be globalized such that communication across borders is possible. Globalization being the interaction of the country with other countries across the world, internet technology has made it easy. Almost on a daily basis, internet services form the useful technology that has made other activities in business, education, communication to be done easily and faster.

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Impact of Internet on World Culture

Internet has made interaction easier, cheaper and faster such that through social media like Facebook, Google, and twitter, people can connect across the world. Through this interaction, exchange of cultural ideas, sharing of music, video, stories and pictures uphold cultural values of a society and continuous transfer of cultural values from one generation to another. Through these interactions, social relations are building such as marriage relations between the tribe and race which results into mixed society.

Internet technology has resulted into the evolution of a particular society especially those who are able to connect and communicate with others through the internet. In the past, people knew little of computer and most of the illiterate are unable to use the services making them lag behind the new literate generation thus through invention of internet, there is the emergence of particular group in the society that exists in the world. Also, through the use of internet service, people have adopted a certain lifestyle different from the past in terms of language, fashion in terms of dressing, and foods which gives them a new identity in a society.

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Internet usage has resulted into conflicts between cultural values because each community has different cultural values which they love and uphold. There is conflict such that when people with different cultural background interact; some cultural traits are eroded allowing others to be adopted resulting into cultural exchange which forms the basis of conflict. Through internet, there is no much privacy and private- public boundaries because it is not easy to protect sites for example, through Facebook one can check other people online and analyze their private affairs. This has caused harm to many social structures and institutions like families have broken up, cultural and moral behaviors have been compromised leading to immoral activities like sexual activities among the teenagers, divorce and separation are at an alarming rate. 

Even though the internet has helped in communication, it is through internet dialogues that inflammatory language which results in hate speech that causes incitement, violence and war within and outside country. The language commonly used for communication in many social media is vulgar and very disrespectful. Some activities of terrorism are transmitted through the internet and recipes for making bombs are channeled through internet. Also, being leisure and entertainment media, movies, drawings, software encourage watching pornography among children and teenagers; this affects their moral behaviors at the tender age.    


Internet is the most useful technology that has ever been invented because of its application in all spheres of human activities to change life. While cultures need to be upheld, internet should not form the basis of destruction rather help in continued support in developing them across all generation.

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