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About the Concert

The concert event took place at Davis Symphony Hall, San Francisco, California, and seemingly it was not just a further performance in the town since it was very blissful, particularly during the performances by the two giants of the Romantic era. To a student of literature and music, it was not merely a spring of amusement, but also an exceptional moment to discover more about orchestration of the classical music and, especially, the art during Romanticism. The concert featured mainly Romantic music, which was developed during the industrialization period and it was composed by Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann, and presented by Marek Janowski. The performance by Marek Janowski epitomized the Schumann’s Fourth Symphony, which Robert Schumann composed as a birthday present to his lovely wife Clara Josephine Wieck, who was considered to be among the most honored pianists during the Romantic era.

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The concert featured many works done during the Romanticism period and the aspect of orchestration was in full application. The performance was an erotic one (a performance that had some sexual undertones)  bearing in mind that the Schumann’s Fourth Symphony was a birth day gift to his wife and therefore his usage of instrumentation like the piano, violin and guitars and more so the smooth beats and rhythm of the songs and this apparently made them Gypsy flavored. Gypsy flavored music is a type of jazz music that was mainly done by Jean “Django” Reinhardt in the 1930s and made use of violin, accordion and clarinet. The compositions performed in the concert were all emotional and sensual as was the main character of all music during the romantic period and the instruments added to the meaningfulness of the songs through emotions. Robert Schumann argued that three years was a tender age and he meant that his wife was too young to be learning to play the piano. On completion of impassioned wings referred to the emotionally occupied romantic period where all the songs composed reflected one’s thoughts and ideas. Therefore, the arty selected instruments by Janowski together with featuring the pieces of work from the romantic era was so much elemental in trying to teach the new generation how orchestration used to be back then and more so how lyrical compositions rhymed with the instruments to bring out a well planned piece of art. The concert being enlivening due to the choice of instruments and through its erotic nature, peoples’ fantasy and entertainment was wholly achieved.

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