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The conference focused mainly on giving a fair verbal treatment of the immigration laws and the Islamic issue in the United States. The presenters introduced the talk by explaining the new immigration law that the state of Arizona recently enforced, which is called SB1070. Then, they introduced various rights which have analyzed the institutionalized racism of the United States, discussed how we can define racism, and explained who represents freedom. After that, they mentioned that national and local governments have enacted some laws to force some minorities to leave the country. Still, other laws were enforced by the national and local governments to exploit the immigrant’ labor. Worst of all, the presenters said that some of these laws were put in place to divide the population in the country.

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The Immigration Laws and the Islamic Issue in the United States

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Given these laws, the presenters talked about the international reputation of the United States. Many U.S. immigration laws place the country in an unfavorable light. Through their assessment of the reputation of the U.S., the presenters transitioned into the Islamic issue. Muslims currently form 10% of the United States population. They mentioned the Prodder laws and how unfair they are for the non-American population. After that, the presenters again raised the question of what freedom should be, and they ended by saying that justice should be applied equally to all, even to immigrants.

In my opinion, the conference was a great place to discuss these issues. Most of the points that the conference highlighted are topical and urgent. I disagreed with the SB107 law that is being enforced in Arizona. In fact, most Arizonans consider it to be an unfair law for the foreign population in their state. Official reason that the state government gave for this law was that it was saving its people from the illegal immigration influx into the city. The SB107 focused on controlling and deterring the illegal immigrants while ignoring the legal immigrants’ rights. Therefore, this law treats both groups in the same way, even though one group spent years working hard to become a part of the U.S. culture. The presenters at the conference concluded that this law was put in place to encourage the foreign people to leave, which I feel makes sense, given the actual affects of the law on the state’s population. I also agreed with their assessment that these types of laws could further divide the U.S. population and make its different ethnic groups even more racist. The Islamic population of the United States is definitely a minority, so Muslims are likewise subject to rules that force them to leave. The idea of freedom is hard to define within all of these conflicting and combative conditions.

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