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Yes, I believe that Walmart is doing enough to become more sustainable. For any company, it is utmost important to reduce costs in order to keep its customer base strong, and hence to promote its growth. Finding more ways to cut down production costs; moving towards neutral packaging; pursuing minimum wastage targets; recycling waste products; working for green products, new openings, as well as joint ventures with foreign companies – all these actions count towards the aim of greater sustainability.  

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There are few problems that Walmart has been facing. The first and the foremost of them is hindrance in different countries in operations and competition among local companies in their own country. The solution to this issue found by Walmart involved entering into joint ventures with local companies of a particular country. Reduction in cost is another problem Walmart has been facing. To overcome it, the company has reduced expenses by outsourcing production mainly to China as well as by finding ways of manufacturing green products. Unsatisfied employees and unions represent one more source of stress. To deal with the issue, Walmart has provided health insurance to all employees with lower deductibles and also promises for the future benefits.

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Other retail stores have been suffering losses while Walmart has tended to improve performance due to its successful strategies and enough sources to reduce costs in production processes and packaging and shipping expenses. By controlling the production side, while hiring employees at low wage rates and introducing different membership cards for its customers, Walmart has secured its sustainability and profits. Also, a huge establishment structure, while offering discounts, generates higher annual turnover rates as compared to other retail outlets. During recessions, consumers rush to Walmart because of low prices and reload facility which others are not offering, and it greatly contributes to upward profit trend for Walmart.

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