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For one to be successful in life there is develop some attributes which ensures that one succeeds. Personal development will ensure that one succeeds in whatever he/she attempts to carry o out. Personal development entails the development of some personal traits which have been tested to work in various situations at for people of all the ages. Development of these personal traits takes times and a disciplined mind; consequently the results are wonderful and one gets to benefit from cultivating these traits. This is an essay on the seven personal attributes and how they apply in life. The personal attributes examined in this essay are dedication, honesty, humility, pride, patience, respect, and unity. The attributes will be examined in reference to how they are applied in real life situations.

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The Seven Attributes to be Succesful in Life


This can be viewed as the ability to be committed to your course of action. By being dedicated consistence is displayed in whatever course of action one is attempting to carry out. Dedication is very vital especially when one needs to achieve some objectives within a specified time. Highly successful corporation are identified by their strong dedication to their business philosophies. Successful individuals likewise have been noted to be highly dedicated to their course of action. Dedication has seen the scientists make great breakthroughs after spending much resources and time; for instance travelling to the moon and back. Generally top performers in any field at whatever age in question are people who are dedicated to their courses of actions.


Unlike dedication which is more individualistic, honesty comes into play when third parties are involved. Honesty can is defined as fairness and straightforwardness of a conduct. Honesty is a great virtue required in a group activity to make the group act coercively and met the required target quickly. By being honesty fellow group members get to trust each other and make it possible for conversations to be made. The significance of this attribute comes out clearly in reconciliation activities. It should be noted that if two parties have to reconcile then they will have to be honest with each other and to the facts facing them. By being honesty it becomes possible for both sides to make sacrifices for the success of negotiation.

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Defined as being in a state of humbleness and humble being defined as not proud or haughty. It is also defined as not being arrogant (Merriam 1). This attribute is quite significant for people who are a subject to others for instance employees. This makes it possible for those in charge to guide other easily without any conflicts coming into play. It should also be noted that even those in top positions will need to be humble to make it possible for the juniors to approach them. It should be noted that being humble does not subject one to being exploited but rather makes it possible for one to be approached.


This is the opposite of being humble. It one of those qualities which a person should avoid developing by all means. By being pride it becomes very hard for one to be approached. In the case of a senior staff developing pride, the junior members will fear and always find it hard to approach the senior staff for clarifications. For the case of students, students with a lot of pride often miss out on a lot of issues because they believe that they know everything and find it hard to humble themselves and request for clarifications on some issues. Pride therefore hinders free communication in some way and as such clarifications are not made.


This word comes from the word patient which is defined as being able to withstand pain or generally condition which you find not very favorable as opposed to how you wish they could be (Merriam 1). It is an attribute which is highly required for people carrying out projects which requires time to pick up or mature. Among the entrepreneurs patience is an attribute that they can not do without. This is the case because when one is establishing a business in most cases time is required to mature the business before it can run efficiently. During the infancy stages of such a business there are likelihoods that the business will register losses thus the need for the owner to be patient with it.


Handling people in the correct way in reference to their position constitutes respect (Merriam 1). A teacher to teacher relationship can not be similar to a student to teacher relationship. Maintaining respect in relating with other people ensure that there are no unnecessary conflicts sprouting when people are relating. By maintaining respect people are able coworker productively without hurting each other. The feelings of being threatened are eliminated and the working environment is made conducive.


The significance of unity can not be over emphasized. Unity makes everything possible. By being united a special type of momentum is created when a group acts in unity. Different talents and skills come into play when unity is embraced. Without unity it becomes very hard for a group to accomplish anything. Lack of unity in a group leads to wasting of time and resources as it will take more than is necessary to accomplish a small task.

Personal Attributes to be Successful in Life

The above personal attributes are very important to cultivate in one’s life. These attributes makes it very possible for one to be successful in life. The above attributes are significant for both individuals and groups and as such care and effort should be made to ensure that they are developed.

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