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Crime is an activity which has always existed in any society. Gang violence is a manifestation of criminal offences, and nowadays it is a burning issue in diverse communities. There are numerous instances which exemplify the importance of finding the ways to conquer these cliques’ illegality.

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Research of Gang Violence by Professor Petersilia

Research by Joan Ramme Petersilia (2009) illustrated that the effects of gangs in any given society. In her book, she gives factors that lead to gang crime, and attributes this to many reasons that emanate from the society. As such, Petersilia seems to suggest that gangs are communities’ own creatures, and society can also act to end or rather reduce involvement in gang activity and their spread.

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Petersilia (2009) gives the statistics of people who are generally perceived and deemed to be gang members. First of all, these are convicts who were released from prison. According to Petersilia’s survey, about six hundred thousand (600,000) inmates are released from American prisons every year, and these people are potential gang members if they are not monitored and mentored. Therefore, gang crimes are hard to control. However, these people can become a part of the society, and they can be productive rather than destructive members of the community.

Secondly, Petersilia claims young people as the other prospective social stratum to become involved in gang criminal. The researcher says that businesses can redirect their resources to train youths and make them productive members of the society rather than just wait for someone to accomplish their objectives. Christeson et al (2005) say that crime can be curbed by rearing children in a manner that will make them obey the law, the societal ethics and the general code of conduct that is expected from them. As a consequence, they will have an affinity for worthwhile things that are good for the society and will avoid destructive behavior such as engaging in gangs.


It is a foregone conclusion that gang crimes can be prevented by making all society member involved in fighting crime. Prisoners who are released from jail can also be aided in adaptation to the society, and youths in any society should be given opportunities to advance themselves. In addition, business owners can form a unit to monitor gang activities that are likely to affect their and other people’s businesses.

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