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India and Beatles

Discuss the influence that India had on the group, in particular the music from the ‘Beatles’ album. Who specifically influenced them there, and how?

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“The Beatles” is a musical album released in the year 1968. It was launched by a famous music group and is also named “The White Album”. This album has represented the historical impact of India on the group. Indian people in that era were never in favor of music and musical instruments. Though, as time passed, Indians realized that music is the food of the soul. The famous musicians of the twentieth century took steps forward to teach the music in the form of notes to common people. The album which has shown the significance of music for the people is written and composed by the group in the period of turmoil. Due to its outstanding presentation of the whole idea and clear concept, the album received many prizes and awards. Indian people from very early times are fond of music. Their urge and craze for music has always inspired them to learn it more and more and apply it in their lives. With reference to the album, very rare footage of the Beatles in India has influenced greatly the group of people who were less attracted towards music and musical instruments. For those people, music was nothing but the waste of time. In this album, the group with its spell of music, has left deep effects on the hearts of not only the music lovers but also the less attracted people.

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Comment The White Album 1968

Watch the Video on “The White Album” and make comments. Do you consider this album to be political? Why or why not? How do you think the band members were feeling about the music and working together?

In this video, I do not think any political issue has been highlighted. Instead, an attempt can be seen to make people more and more attracted towards the music. The video was released by an adult of Japan about ten months ago, means in 2012. Due to its unmatched idea, creation and subject, the video got millions of views on YouTube. In addition, it was declared as one of the top viewing videos throughout the world. There is only an effort made in this album, to make people more familiar with music and its deep importance. The band members were giving a feel to be close to the music themselves while performing. They were giving the clear effects of their enjoyment and excitement about music. Then, how can it be a political issue? It is absolutely not.

Discuss a Song of Your Choice

Discuss a song of your choice the album/links posted below for each question. What is the instrumentation? Who is singing lead? What is the song about? What is the instrumentation? Are these songs similar to the early Beatles recordings or somehow different? How did they use technology or studio techniques to enhance the song? 

“Instrumentation can be defined as the scientific knowledge about how the music should be played, and how its variables are to be controlled with the help of managed production”. The song of my choice is The Beatles’ song. In this song, there is an attractive message given to the viewers and listeners in a very relaxing format, with the help of music. The song is about spreading the message of how much important is the music and musical instruments in the lives of Indians and other people around the globe.

The songs are much different from that of the recoded already. The technology used in it while recording in a studio was simple, as there were lesser recording instruments in the middle of the twentieth century.

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