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This is a summary of the movie, “The Future of Food.” The movie was created by Deborah Koons and Lily films. The movie brings to light very significant and disturbing questions on the issue of food in particular the genetically modified foods. This movie brings into light very complicated networking of political and marketing forces which comes into play. The combination of these forces is depicted to control the food system in the world. This is very evident especially in the U.S. The movie examines some of the alternatives which can be applied to solve the food crisis.

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The Future of Food Movie Review

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The movie in a very clear examines the truth hidden behind the patented, unlabelled genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods have filled the U.S. market in the previous one decade and still continue to fill the grocery and retail stores. Pertinent questions are raised concerning the genetically modified foods, for instance, why is it that in the U.S. there are no rigorous testing of the genetically modified foods just like it happens in Europe. Other questions are raised concerning the labeling of the genetically modified foods.

The movie also clarifies on the dangers of the terminator technology which is associated with the genetically modified foods. The terminator technology is depicted as a danger to the humanity because of its ability to make the naturally seeds sterile. It is argued that if genetically engineered foods are introduced in a region and get passed on to other crops, the sterility is passed on to other crops thus making all the seeds in a region to be sterile. This simply means that the future we are headed to will be dominated by the genetically modified foods. An interesting issue about this is that the genetically modified foods do not contain phytochemicals which are important for the well being of human beings.

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