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Childish ideas that lack of peace is also the fact that man thinks of himself and no one else although he also explains that not all failure is as a result of human perversity, the Sudan government gives a good example of this; it claims to be an Islamist government while it’s split into northern and southern part which is also separated into Islam and Christian respectively. This has brought so much civil war in the country since the north and the south cannot agree on distribution of resources and power. The late John Garang de Mabior, the vice-president of Sudan and president of the semiautonomous South after CPA and SPLM/A chairman was one of the individuals involved in the peace deal. “Making peace attractive” In the words of Winston Churchill “To convince them you must yourself believe” so help bring back peace we must all believe in it ourselves. This not only reflects on Sudan only but in many other countries whose war is basically with relation to resources ,Evidence for that reality is therefore all to see in the yawning gap between the “haves “ and “have-nots” of this world. This is true for most of the world countries for example Nigeria the gap between the rich and the poor is so wide which truly reflects the idea of Childs.

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Theologian and Ethicist James M Childs

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Fiji is also another place of interest when it comes to believing in peace. The nation believed in peace and the whole nation of Fiji went down on their knees and prayed for peace this to them gave rise to a nation unlike so many since unlike most of the warring nations they went to God there maker for justice and peace and to them the Lord granted their call for peace. God loves peace and He it is His great joy when nations are at peace. Theologian and ethicist James M Childs argues that, for Christians, peace poses particular problems because of the permanence of conflict and violence amid the assurance that God and Christ are at work creating peace. It is evident that in Fiji they not only ended war but they did the big task of continuously trying to make peace. They have made sure that they keep their walk with God never fails which in my opinion has ensured peace prevails.We know that peace is not just the end of fighting or the absence of war since this does not mean the end of violence, there are other ways to harm one another by other instruments of violence, such us economic, political or social injustice or behavior of scorn, rejection, betrayal, mendacity, abuse and duplicity, For example, In south Africa in the time of Apartheid Desmond Tutu who contributed so much towards the end of these injustice imposed on his people. According to Childs who explores the church as a peacemaker and justice as a way of life for Christian, the way of peace will bring you home to God’s promise”.


In conclusion, Childs idea of peace reflects in most of our lives when he says that “how beautiful it is when love flows without condition” this normally goes to most of us when we are to think about those close to us it may be our families, or our friends but when we are to experience this type of love it is very unlikely that one can commit an injustice to one whom you love (Ironside, 1940). The bible teaches that God wants us to love each other unconditionally this I believe is so us to unsure we are peace with those around us. Childs also states that the meaning of peace must be peace of mind and tranquility of spirit which the bible state is only reached when you are peace with your maker which is through salvation.” God offers salvation as a free gift” (Romans 6:23). Childs also writes that he has sought to find his own voice in this account sticking primarily to the resources of the bible and the Christian tradition. Which in my own opinion is true since finding Jesus is the key to true fulfillment and complete peace? The world needs a little of God’s love to make the world a better place.

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