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Are there any miracles in the world? Most people forget about this definition because the modern world became more selfish and evil. The spread of poverty and diseases, poor living conditions, these are all the factors that can be avoided. If one helps his neighbor and this person in turn helps a friend, brother, or just a stranger, then life will take other colors. Indeed, the world would not exist without good people.

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Blood Drive Charity Organization

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A very special group of volunteers in organization spends their free time by helping people. They regularly give their blood at “MeagSTRONG Blood Drive” charity organization. This year, on the fifth anniversary of community, volunteers will celebrate their decisions. More than 1000 hearts are beating now owing to these wonderful people! Is not it amazing? Millions of people around the world owe their lives to the nameless persons who have made the selfless contribution of donating their blood. By these simple things, these brave donors prove the world that miracles exist. The eyes of saved people are the greatest proof and reward. They know that it can be one small human in this time and space, but to one person, at the right time, it could be the whole world. Let us unite forces, and together we could give the greatest gift to the world, millions of healed lives!

We would like to remind that the next meeting will be held at Morris Country Club (Morris, IL 60450, Saturday 9-1). We will gather together, and each of the participants will be able to feel how much she/he is important for this organization. This event like all the others would like to thank to such people for their time and kindness. At first, it is the F.O.E. for providing their facilities to host a blood drive. Of course, special thanks go to the team, especially for Steve and Kathy Barr, Mary Goolsby with “Billy Blood Drop”, Dawn Kuhn, Carole Baudino, and Dona Hunt. Personally, I want to express my gratitude to my big friend and simultaneously brother Larry, niece Lauren, and also to my son Chad who travelled over 1,500 miles just to give their blood and be a part of this great cause. This is a big treasure to have such families. God Bless all of them!

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