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Canada is considered to be found by the aboriginals and the British together with the French. Southern Quebec and Southern Ontario, which are Canada’s Dominions, were set in 1867, when the country was ruled by the British Empire. Over time, Canada integrated other British colonies in North America, which led to the incorporation of Newfoundland as a Canadian province (AngloINFO 2013). Canada obtained most of its population through immigration, which has made the country multicultural. A lot of Canadians live within the US border, since most of its landmass is wilderness. Canada has significant trading relations with the US through the Northern American Free Trade Agreement. However, the US factories that neighbor Canada and oil business in Alaska have generated debates over environmental concerns. A separatist movement within Quebec has been considered as a domestic matter, since the region seeks independence, which it lost through a previous referendum (AngloINFO 2013).

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According to UN statistics, Canada has a population of 34.3 million people. The capital of the country is Ottawa and the largest city is Toronto. Canada has two official languages: French and English. The country’s major religion is considered to be Christianity. Its monetary unit is Canadian Dollar. Officially, the country is governed by Queen Elizabeth II, although the prime minister of Canada is Stephen Harper. Harper runs the country under the Conservative government, which has acquired considerable support over the time.

Canada has a rich broadcasting history with CBC being the greatest influence in the media with both English and French stations. The country possesses rich natural resources in mining, oil and forestry. The country is predominant in energy resources, timber and minerals (AngloINFO 2013). The country holds numerous mineral and metal resources that contribute greatly to the overall exports. However, the US policies on various tariffs on the Canadian timber and the augmented subsidies for US farmers have generated border tensions. The country’s diverse geographical and demographical elements demonstrate its prospects in various industries.

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