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The Matrix was a science fiction action film produced in America and Australia in 1999. It was directed and written by the Wachowski Brothers and starring Keanu Reeves, Hugo Weaving Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne, and  Joe Pantoliano. 

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In existentialism, the individual is characterized by the existential attitude or confusion and disorientation sense in the face of a world that is meaningless and results in the independence of life decisions. To obtain independence in the matrix film, Neo undergoes self-discovery through entering the matrix. Existentialism is clearly shown from the fact that he works out independently and is a responsible conscious being. Thus, through his consciousness, he creates his values and establishes a meaning to his life. The existential journey in the Matrix starts when Neo decides to enter into the matrix and takes the drug. This helps to show that he is willing to investigate what happens in the matrix. This helps Neo to make his own decisions without any external assistance. The journey proceeds further even after he recovers from the effects of the drug. He takes a new route in life to help assist society from entering the matrix because he understands all that happens within the Matrix. It begins with a tapped phone call and as it progresses we meet Trinity who is a badass. She runs away in fear of three guys in black suits because she has no idea of what the guys might need.   She indeed escapes uncovering her quarry. This clearly shows how everything that is ever known can be faked. Machines have created everything even the memories and sensory experiences that keep people collaborating with increasing malevolence.

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Matrix is an existentialist in pursuit to grasp an identity the actors have fashioned for themselves achievement in human spirit while taking control of their destinies.  To achieve this they fight tirelessly to defeat the white males. The Matrix takes this idea much more ahead by making Neo’s environment to be computer-simulated which is completely false.  

Concept of the Absurd Universe

Based on this concept the environments in which the people live provide no meaning to life and it covers the injustices that revolve around the world. People are therefore submissive to the situations underlying the society and can hardly do anything about them. Neo was born and still lived in this simulated world and fights to set people free from this kind of dogma. The Matrix depicts a dystopian future in which realism as assumed by humans is truly a simulated reality that was shaped by sentient machines to appease and control the human population. Neo from the start tries to free people from that dream world. Due to the increased use of machines the society causes disasters and dehumanization to people. In a broad view, these types of societies have yielded into other sub-genres that have increased real issues in the world that may affect both society and the level of technology. The Matrix depicts an unpredictable future that has several speculations such as pollution, totalitarianism poverty, societal collapse, or political repression, which makes the world meaningless hence Neo, rises to fight these. He believes that simulated individuals can be moved out of the simulation completely through a process of mind transfer (The Matrix).

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The Individual vs. the Herd

This theme tries to show how an individual stands as a hero to fight for society. A herd will resemble a community that moves simultaneously to air its issues. An action of Neo to take the drugs and uphold the adverse effects shows how tries to get closer to becoming an individual. After recovering, Neo acts individually to distinguish himself from the herd. He is termed as the messiah because he posses virtues of the unspecified capacity of the mind. One might say that Neo is a natural-born sorcerer because he can suspend disbelief. Throughout the film, Neo tries to become an individual. He is offered an option either to gain knowledge of what the Matrix is or to stay in his everyday life and stop thinking about the Matrix. He chooses to find out what the Matrix is where he takes the red pill which is designed to interrupt the neural connection of his body into the Matrix. He later wakes up perplexed and worried where he finds himself hairless, connected to numerous wires, and naked in a shell filled with red liquid. He is rescued and healed. After Neo recovers consciousness, Morpheus informs Neo of the reality about the Matrix which was a simulated world where humans are connected to machines. This shows how Neo truly acted individually and could rescue the rest of the society from entering into the Matrix. By the end of the movie, we realize that Neo is the One and the only which means that he is the first to recognize his true nature. This film focuses on individuality where the individual does not follow the herd. This is clearly shown through the actions of Neo(The Matrix).

Fate vs. Free Will

When Morpheus asks Neo to either choose a blue pill or a red pill he offers the choice stuck between fate and free will.  Fate rules throughout the Matrix since the actions are predetermined and the world is pre-constructed. It clearly shows that all questions have answers and that any choice is simply an illusion of choice. In reality, humans have the power to transform their fate, make mistakes frequently, and can take individual actions. Neo at the end chooses the red pill which symbolizes real life but he learns that free will is not pretty. Truly the real world is a mess, destitute and dangerous. It will be realized that pleasure exists nearly in the whole world of the Matrix which is only a computer construct. Cipher regrets after selecting the red pill and in the end decide to go back to the Matrix and views that any pleasure whether false or true is superior to no pleasure at all. Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus all value reality and free will no matter how unlikeable they may be.

Even though Neo is the paradigm of free will it happens that fate plays a major role in his adventure. Neo depends on the Oracle since what she says becomes correct in some way. Neo is guided to the right decision at each encounter with the Oracle and he is not required to demonstrate much in any of his free wills. Morpheus on the other hand describes the Oracle as a guide and not somebody who knows the future. She tells Seraph at the end of the trilogy that she truly knew nothing but only believed in herself. However, the fact that the Oracle was always right raised uncertainties about the free will of Neo.

The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul has emerged in popular movies all over our history. It is a common experience that every person who is dedicated to attaining his or her internal and external potential must go through. It refers to a spell of time where we find out our most hard lessons. People are therefore able to determine faults that cause retardation. In connection to the matrix film, it can be shown by Neo when he gets back to his senses and sees the adverse effects of the machine usage.   In the Matrix movie, the line between man and machines has disappeared.  Artificial intelligence proposes that technology will increase the level of dependence between machines and human beings. Technology threatens to grow to be better than humans, but should not enslave us. Throughout the trilogy humans and technology are interdependent. The human body has been overtaken by computer artificial intelligence which pumps in nutrients to keep one alive to generate electricity for the matrix. Neo within this period observes these flaws and holds it in his heart that he must secure his society which reveals the night of the soul.

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