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Leadership styles could influence satisfaction and retention of business professionals within diverse industries in business. Additionally, the problems existing between generational cohorts in diverse organizations particularly in the Information technology field are creating needless conflict and friction. This is in turn, leading to unhealthy distractions in the workplaces viewed as causing high rates of turn over within organizations and lower productivity thus in turn leading to lose of the ideal knowledge within the industry today (Broadbridge, Maxwell & Ogden, 2007).

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Job dissatisfaction is one significant aspect that continues to impede retention of business professionals in a given workplace and therefore leading to high turnover rates. Business professionals categorized in Generation X Cohort are dissatisfied have a higher likelihood of leaving the field (Cennamo & Gardner, 2008). The demands and stresses on business professionals currently within the practice, and the people managing the Information technology environments, are far greater compared to how they were in the past. The same pressures are postulated to escalate in the future, and the trend is threatening high rates of turnover in the same field (Birkinshaw & Crainer, 2008).

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Although outstanding leadership and management skills are essential, a leader has a direct impact on the retention of business professionals within the technical field. Leaders play the role of inspiring the other staff and in turn help in contributing to the organization’s mission of retaining the business professionals. According to Terjesen, Vinnicombe, and Freeman (2007), business professionals recognized as contributors within the organization, experience job satisfaction and have a higher likelihood of loving their jobs and do not consider quitting.

However, the argument on the same is that when management prevents business professionals from achieving their dreams and personal missions, business professionals experience poor job satisfaction and thus have a higher likelihood of leaving the organization. The fundamental means of handling and solving the problem of high rates of turnover in the Information technology field is to increase job dissatisfaction and this can be only addressed through sorting out issues of leadership styles within the organization.

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