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Nursing may be considered a noble profession because it appears to deal mainly with the health of individuals in society. Nurses are viewed as second doctors because most of the time whenever doctors make their patient’s diagnosis, nurses are present and administer treatment ordered by the physicians. Nurses are people who provide care hence they are care providers.

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Nurses help to promote good health and prevent diseases and injuries to various people in society. Before modern nursing, there existed traditional nursing. In most cases, a priest seemed to play two roles. One was the role of a priest and the other one appeared as the role of a physician. The role of nurses was left to nuns.

The nursing profession makes difference in people’s lives because of the major role of nurses in providing health. In the process of proving this health, they would seem to be making a major difference in someone’s life. However, it should be noted that nurses do not necessarily work in hospitals alone. There appear to be various working opportunities for the nursing career. They can either practice in nursing homes, residential homes, and cruise ships among other places. Nursing appears to be among the top ten occupations with amazing job opportunities.

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Career opportunities for nursing vary accordingly. There exist doctoral-level researchers and entry-level practitioners. When a nurse qualifies as a professional, there appear to be various specialties he/she can venture into. They include clinical nurse leader, community health nursing, dermatology nursing, genetics nursing, domestic violence nursing, emergency nursing, forensic nursing, and informatics nursing among others. (Daly, 2009)

Informatics Nursing

Informatics nursing is commonly referred to as NI and mainly deals with the integration of nursing science, information science, and computer science. This integration helps in the management, passing of data, information, wisdom, and knowledge in the practice of nursing. It involves the use of digital computers in the practice of nursing or medicine.  A nurse’s venturing in nursing informatics generally supports patients, nurses, and various health providers in making decisions. They mainly offer this support through information structures, information processes, and technology.

Informatics nurses have experienced nursing clinicians when practicing nursing. The analytical and critical thinking techniques of informatics nurses are considered as high. Their documentation is done automatically due to their understanding of patient care. Informatics nurses should be experienced in the implementation of the process of nursing hence referred to as clinicians harboring extensive clinical practice. They also should have extra education and be well acquainted with technology systems and systems of information (Buckis, 2006).

There happen to be a similarity between the project management and nursing process hence informatics nurses emerge as good project managers because of their expertise in the nursing process. However, many might be arguing that informatics nursing cannot be deemed as nursing. This piece of argument may be disputed since the year 1992 when nursing informatics was declared as a specialty by the American Nurses Association. During this time, nursing informatics’ requirements have been established.

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An informatics nurse applies his or her skills in various areas of nursing including dentistry, public health, clinic care, therapy, and research. Informatics nursing kicked off in the United States around the 1950s. There appeared various informatics certifications have been used to assist informatics nurses and make them easily recognized (Basavanthappa, 2003).

For one to be eligible as an informatics nurse, various requirements must be met. A bachelor’s degree in nursing or a relevant field of medicine must be obtained. Work experiences are also required for one to obtain the status of an informatics nurse. Two years’ experience of working as a registered full-time nurse is also a requirement for informatics nursing. Also, one must have finished up to 30 hours of education concerning informatics nursing for the previous three years.

A graduate program in informatics nursing must be completed with a minimum of 200 hours of supervised practice in informatics nursing. An informatics nurse must have a current RN license. The license must be active and be legally recognized in other countries.

There are various certifications in informatics nursing. For example, in radiology informatics, the certified imaging informatics profession requires proof of work experience in imaging informatics and formal testing included. This is to be renewed every five years. There should be an examination test majoring in information technology and technical know-how, clinical understanding, and project management. Five PARCA certifications are also required from the entry-level to the architect level (Young, 2004).

The main aim of nursing informatics is majorly to achieve patient-centered care. An informatics nurse develops information and communication technology. They carry out researches, take positions as chief information officers, software engineers, and offer education concerning informatics nursing. Nurse informatics develops policies as an implementer and consultant. An informatics nurse is free to work not only in a hospital but also in other health care facilities including universities and consulting firms.

In most cases, these nurses hold various titles such as clinical analyst, director of clinical informatics, informatics nurse specialist, and coordinator of clinical informatics. In some cases, an informatics nurse undertakes patient care duties because they mostly work with developing systems, they are improving the systems, and are even training other nurses on how to use the new equipment.

Since the year 2007, the average salary for an informatics nurse is $79,000 up to $83,000. The informatics nurses experience quite a several challenges in their line of work. For them to work efficiently, these challenges need to be addressed. One such limitation is the provision of security. Even though the nurse informatics appears making efforts to produce records of patients and make them easily accessible via the internet, the challenge of ensuring the information safety arises. Without security, the information on the internet would be easily accessed by hackers thus there is the possibility of tampering with patients’ records. This process also requires confidentiality because sometimes the need of making payments online would arise and the records of payments must be well kept to avoid confusion. For the plans of nursing, it should be noted that nurses should be given the appropriate environment to be able to offer their skills to the maximum level possible (Registered Nurses, 2012).


They are also expected to have a higher level of training and education. In the United States, it should be noted that the plans for informatics nursing involve allowing nurses to become full-time partners with doctors or physicians and other health care providers. Leadership roles of informatics nursing also tend to be changed shortly. The roles would include nursing informatics executive and chief nursing informatics officer. In the future, nursing education would be transformed to include competencies in informatics.

Even though most people would argue that nurse informatics does not seem like nursing at all, in a real sense, the benefits of nurse informatics are seemingly on a higher level. Nursing informatics helps in improving nursing care through technology. Technology helps in making work easy hence creating a better and more appealing environment for in-patient nurses. Therefore, if technology makes work easier for the nurses, this would only mean that the patient would also have effective services because a happy nurse makes a happy customer. Informatics nurses have proven to be a vital part of our society.

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