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Business Administration Manager Scholarship Essay Example

Amongst Gods desires after His creation of mankind, was that the later live successively fulfilling their roles on earth. Different people have different ways of steering them towards the realization of their goals. For some, the avenue of success is business. For some it is politics while some it is gambling. Still for others crime is their purported avenue. Yes crime. But for me, my success lies in my clear dream. Completing my education will allow me to achieve my dream of becoming a Business Administration Manager.

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This course that I have always dreamt of since my child hood will endow me with indispensable skills on strategic planning, operations and human resource management, problem solving and team building skills. In order to be best placed to make change in the world of management, I will also be equipped with research and analysis skills.

A scholarship from CESF will come as God sent blessing and will be the best thing to have ever happen to my life and dream. This is because even though I am talented, very focused and committed to pursue this dream, I have financial constraints which threaten to wake me up from this real dream. Owing to my poor financial background, I am straggling to offset the fees for this program by knocking at the doors of student loans offices. I harbor a strong belief that CESF Scholarship is going to be my rescue.

I have big dreams, that one day I will help the world manage her swiftly wasting resources. I also strongly hope that the unfortunate will one day stretch out their frail hands, and I, be in a position to do something. Just to put smiles on their faces and restore their hopes. CESF scholarship is all I require to set me rolling towards actualization of this dream.

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