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The media have a large influence in society. It sets the trends that are followed religiously by most members of society. In the last one decade, technological advances have grown in leaps and bounds, in the media industry. New forms of media like blogging have come up. These advancements have continued to influence the direction taken by different kinds of media. The expansion of media avenues has given more opportunities to women in the news and media. The portrayal of women in the news and media has been a matter of international debate. In our country, the diversity of women in the news is a highly sensitized discussion topic (Bruns & Jacobs, 2006).

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Women in Blogging

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Although women are more into news and the media these days, let the essay posit that women have not achieved diversity and equality in the news. Most women who are put on the news are put there as marketing pets to attract male audience. This is especially so in the electronic media. This is why only the most beautiful women are on the news. The other women, who might be extremely bright intellectually, have no place in media (Dennis, 2006).

In the field of blogging, women have picked up the gauntlet, and they have begun to flourish. This is partly because blogs are private news sites that only need the where withal of the individual. The number of women bloggers has rapidly increased in the last two years. In fact, blogging has the highest percentage of women in the media, and news. However, the field is still dominated by men. The industry stakeholders must put more women in the news and media. This is because women have unique talents that can build news and the media to unimagined heights (Gentle, 2009).

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