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A Magnetosphere of the Earth

A magnetosphere is a region within the earth space of which the internal magnetic fields determines its shape, Magnetosphere is non–spherical in shape with most of the magnetospheres within the atmosphere being oval tear-drop shape in nature due to the type of wind which necessitate its formation (Kaufmann et al, 2008). During formation of magnetospheres the following are required; charged particles, solar wind, and existence of intrinsic magnetic field. It is formed at what time a flow of charged particles which might be of the sun or wind amalgamate together and at the same time are deflected by the intrinsic magnetic field depending on the specific planet. In a magnetosphere there is free combination of ions and electrons which might be either from the sun, wind flow or from the ionosphere surrounding the mesosphere; generally magnetosphere is characterized by extreme magnetic forces that are stronger that the earth forces of gravity.

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In case the earth lose it magnetosphere than this will result in instability since there will be an upward field directed current on particles within the ionosphere which is likely to affect the magnitude of ionosphere conductivity, more so this is likely to affect communication signals since which depends on the magnetic fields found within the magnetosphere (Kaufmann et al, 2008). Also lack of   magnetosphere is likely to result in imbalance on the earth surface since it tries to oppose the force of gravity, the force of gravity will be so greater to point that, it will be very difficult to move objects in the atmosphere since they will be pulled back to the earth surface immediately they leave the earth surface. In conclusion magnetosphere is just one of the several atmospheric layers that exist naturally and have there own mechanisms of formation and maintenance.

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