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In countries like the United Kingdom it’s well known that men receive higher wages than women. One of the factors that have contributed to this situation is that women tend to be employed in poor paying jobs than men. Another factor that explain the salary variation between the two sexes is educational background as well as work history patterns. Research has revealed that men and women are treated in the same way at work though the variation in salaries occurs as a result of differential accessibility to promotion opportunities. Basically wages are meant to reflect the perfect competition and labor mobility in equilibrium long run process. Therefore salaries are meant to reflect the individual characteristics of an employee as well as the quality of the labor services which he offers. Other important thing that wages should reflect is the differential compensations that solely rely on the nature of worker that one does (Lazear & Rosen, 1990).

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Basing on the assumption that men and women were born equal; men and women in the same level and profession are expected to get identical wages. But this may not be the case if the employer prefers one particular worker over the other. Therefore the employers taste may cause salary variation between the two equal employees. Research that has been conducted reveals that women and men go for similar jobs. There are only a few sectors that reveal gender disparity for instance finance and consultant jobs. Where women are relatively many in consultant jobs as opposed to men but the trend is opposite when it comes to finance jobs. Results that were obtained from a number of researchers conducted indicated that female graduates generally get about 8.6% fewer salaries than men when differences in job function and sectors are considered.

The results that were obtained when both men and women are in the same sector and carrying out the same functions indicated that men’s salaries are higher than those of the their fellow women colleagues by a about 9.3% an indication that salary discrimination on the basis of gender usually takes place. Some expects argues that its important to exclude occupation and job functions in the equation when comparing female and male workers in order for accurate results to be obtained. He made his argument on the basis that there is a higher chance of confusing discrimination with differential compensation. To him this often occurs when it’s very challenging to measure pleasantness that usually occurs at work. Research indicates that women receive 6.8% less salary than men when individual capabilities are out of the equation. Therefore even when the women’s individual abilities are overlooked they still receive less salary than men (Dubeck & Borman1996).

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