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It is quite interesting to study Cyclones and Anticyclone air mass formation and behaviors. It is a quite a surprise to know how low pressure zones of cyclones develop into massive destructive air masses over time. Cyclone originates from the influence of different forces such as Coriolis Effect that bend air masses to create a low pressure zone. The way natural forces shapes movement of air masses along the globe is quite interesting. The Coriolis Effect and movement of the wind to right direction that creates anticlockwise rotation and convergence at the center are interesting phenomena (Strahler, 2012).

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Difference between Weather and Climate

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Consequently, the way air masses are forced to rise, taking air away from the center is beyond human imagination. In the process, the low pressure zone is maintained. It is evident that without divergence, the system can be filled with air. The result will be horizontal pressure difference causing dissipation in the system. Formation of anticyclones is another quite interesting scenario, taking into consideration that there are numerous pressure belts across the globe. The influence of convergence aloft in high pressure areas, and the divergence of air near the surface is a lot of physics. Through the study, one comes to understand how the Coriolis Effect makes air to move in clockwise direction. The way these movements are different in the  northern and southern hemisphere makes one develop a lot of interest in studying air masses (Strahler, 2012).

Developing Climatic Groups and Climatic Classification is a quite difficult process. It is clear that scientist can apply numerous weather elements to come up with climatic classification. There are numerous climatic zones in the low latitude climatic areas, midatlantic, and high-latitude zone, which drawing distinct lines is quite a difficult process. Furthermore, some of the areas have overlapping climatic patterns. Climatic changes on the other hand, always erode the major distinction boundaries (Strahler, 2012).    

Due to climatic changes, it is difficult at times, for example, to draw distinction between wet equatorial climate and Monsoon and Trade-Wind Coastal climate. I believe to achieve an effective global climatic pattern, constant researches are very vital. Additionally, there are different modes of climatic grouping i.e. temperature, precipitation and humidity. Some climatic zones also might give numerous grouping results due to non-consistency in data of their weather elements (Strahler, 2012).

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