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Victim of Sexual Violance

A rape victim should preferably be scanned by a physician. The physician normally has a “Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit” which has some instructions that he/she follows to conduct the examination of the victim. The seminal stains collected from the victims clothing and beddings should first be air dried, then wrap it carefully with a clean piece of paper and enclose it in a bag which preferably should not be a plastic bag. The examiner must remember to name all the exhibits gotten such as panties, bras, etc

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No wet garment should be packed and it’s advisable not to touch any of the items with your hands due to alteration of fingerprints. To avoid touching the evidence, gloves can be very effective.

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Blood stains should also be handled with care. For instance, if it is in a liquid form, use a clean disinfected cotton piece of garment and allow it to dry at normal temperature. It’s not right to place it on direct sun heat. However, it should be frozen after a very short time and one should take it to the laboratory within 48 hours. If it’s taken late, it will not be useful in any way. In a case where there is no enough time to dry the specimens, you can put it in a khaki paper, completely seal it and name it. One should never attempt to mix the stains. Each stain should be placed separately from the other even if it’s from the same scene. (Byrd, 1998).

Trace evidence may also be applied in the crime processing process. This involves looking for traces on the victim or tools found at the scene. Also includes looking for any unknown substances and drugs. One may also look for associative evidence. This includes shoe marks or a type of a weapon found and its features. Also, reconstructive evidence may be found by examining the scene in an effort to understand and contemplate what could have taken place and how .for instance a broken window may suggest how the violator entered the house. It includes tiny evidence like a strand of hair, fibers or stains. “Perhaps the most important rule is that maintaining evidence is paramount; strict procedures must be observed by all involved in the investigation when it comes to collecting, labeling, and analyzing it. Above all, every effort must be made to ensure that evidence is not lost, damaged, or contaminated.” (Rams land, 2008).

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