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Action is a necessary component in insights and explorations. The action is no doubt the only important and significant stage in proper research. The action plan starts with a question, based on the observations (Walker & Rosen, 2004). When people observe the things and phenomenon around us, many questions arise in minds. For example, if someone is interested in cooking, he would likely to learn more and more innovative and interesting recipes. The action plans proceed in the same manner. It starts with a single question or the set of questions based on the observations. Then the action plan is decided to work and research on the question. Afterwards, it ends with a judgment or the result (Walker & Rosen, 2004).

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Three Stage Model

The three stage model consists of following steps:

  1. Exploring the products: This stage helps the client to explore the products and goods in a better way (Clara, 2009). In this stage, clients make judgments whether the products would help them gain the profit and in such a way their concerns about gaining the profit are resolved (Walker & Rosen, 2004).
  2. Better understanding of the products: In this stage, clients are provided with in depth analysis and report of the products of their interest. This stage is helpful in understanding the products effectively (Walker & Rosen, 2004).
  3. Action plan and evaluation: This is the final step. In this step, the final judgments about goods are made by the clients (Worrell & Remer, 2002).


With the help of the above mentioned model, the conclusionis that the model is absolutely applicable and effective in proper orientation plans. So, the three stages of the model are totally approved (Worrell & Remer, 2002).

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