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Apostle Paul Concept

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In this concrete biblical verse, the apostle Paul urges us not be conformed to the modern world but be transformed by the renewing of people minds. This world is so spoiled, that, people forget about moral values. They become more aggressive and selfish. If someone wants to live a normal life, he must put up with these rules. Who wants to be like someone else? According to the biblical texts, we are all unique and if human being does not feel it, that means it is time to change the way of thinking. Unfortunately, people are afraid to try another way of living. It is very hard and scary to stand out from the crowd and swim against the tide of public opinion.  When believer catches himself on this thought, he must remember what God promises in the Bible. He said that, He will not leave anyone alone in any life situation. However, it is not enough to be a proper person. Christians should discern that to be “conformed” and “transformed” are different things. The first concept tells that believer must realize what he really needs to do. For example, he overcomes the nasty habits, tries to be honest and calm, cheerful and positive. He separates himself from the general mass of people around him. The second stage is “transforming”. In this concept, human is not only understands, but tries to do it by renewing his mind in the right way.

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In the struggle for justice there is no middle side. People can be positive or negative heroes, with God or Satan. Therefore, by renewing of the minds, ordinary people become Christians and, by passing through dark life way, they receive remuneration.

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