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The Book of Lamentation is very significant in the Bible because God’s characterization has been featured prominently in the five chapters. In this book, people who spoke to God or about Him are mentioned. However, it is surprising that they hardly hear His voice. In all circumstances, different powers of God are manifested in the Book of Lamentations. For example, chapter 4 verses 11, states “The Lord hath accomplished his wrath, he hath poured out his fierce anger: and he hath kindled a fire in Sion, and it hath devoured the foundations thereof”. In this essay, the main issues to be presented include history, background, the author, then a conclusion.

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The history of Lamentations traces back to 586 BCE when the city of Jerusalem was experiencing devastation. According to King James Version, many people lived in the city, and such occurrences dented Jerusalem’s image. However, the Bible indicates that the powers and qualities of God showed among the people. For example, His love, destructive nature, Supreme, and truthfulness reigned in Jerusalem. Although some of these qualities of God as presented in Lamentations are conflicting, the problems that people faced in the city were believed to be caused by their sins. According to King James’ version, Lamentations Chapter 1 verses 8 indicated that the sins in Jerusalem from the time of destruction were so grievous that God’s wrath was inevitable, following the latter’s anger upon the people.

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In understanding the Book of Lamentations, the background events should be considered. According to King James’ version of the Bible, God’s love was shown regarding the way people lived harmoniously in Jerusalem until sin increased in the city. It is believed that the genesis of sins and its escalation happened because of God’s absence in the eyes of the people. Many people thought that God did not exist; thus they did not see the importance of moral values and indulged in sin. For instance, many people disowned the alter which was located in the city, and the sanctuary was no longer respected. God, therefore, was not happy with his people, making him unleash physical and devastating wrath in the city of Jerusalem. The text has theological implications in society because it shows the way God can manifest his powers upon the people.

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The author of Lamentations is Jeremiah. He wrote an account of the occurrences in Jerusalem and the way its occupants were suffering. In Lamentations, chapter 3 verses 26, he states, “It is good to wait with silence for the salvation of God”. In this regard, the author underscores the sufferings that the people of Jerusalem undergo, and notes that the only way out of the destruction was for all to be saved. The author reports the occurrences in Jerusalem boldly to show how the people who lived in that had deviated from the moral codes to their forms of behavior. The author argues that the people were disrespectful of the Supreme authority and deserved punishment.


To sum, God’s features, including love, Supreme, destructive nature, and truthfulness are real and affect people in various aspects of life. Sometimes, His ever absence may mislead people into discrediting His presence; thus they might start committing sinful acts. As the Book of Lamentations indicates, it reaches a time that God’s power must be seen. This came at a time when people had fallen into grievous sins, which provoked God’s anger. At that point, His destructive character manifests without people seeing him, meaning that He has supreme authority over humans and nature.

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