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In this book, the author analyzes how movies have changed the lives of many Americans. She explores how the film industry has served as a work of art as well as an entertainment medium. He also analyzes the way the movie industry has grown to become a complex financial industry riddled with lots of activity. His main pointing the narrative is to explain how the movie industry has grown into one force to reckon with in US society. Not only has it expanded socially, but also financially and artistically.

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The Transformation of the Motion Pictures

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To accompany his observations in the movie industry, he gives information on the evolutionary development of film censorship. This one aspect has made the film industry to be accepted by all ages of society. He also points out the technological development that has taken place in movie making. According to the narrative, film producers are using more and more sophisticated methods to produce quality pictures. In so doing, they can reach many people and expand their market. He is also keen to note the psychological and sociological makeup of the target audience. According to him, these two aspects have changed with time. He notes that films are less and less being received with prejudice, negative perceptions, and criticism as was during the mid-1970s. He goes head to strengthen his argument with profiles of great film figures such as Frank Capra, Adolph Zukor, D.W. Griffith, and Walt Disney among others. These people were vital in transforming motion pictures into an influential form of communication and entertainment in the US.

What surprises me most is the ability of the author to gather a lot of information about filmmaking, some of which might have existed before he was born. His ability to analyze the development of the industry and even to go ahead and include profiles of the most notable names in movie making is very impressive in his work.

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