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The hypotheses of the study are in line with the research questions of the study as espoused above. Four hypotheses will guide this study and justified in the research discussion:

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  1. There is a strong relationship between leadership styles within any given organizations and employee turnover of the Generation X
  2. There is a relationship between Generation X business professionals that have a positive experience with leadership styles at the workplace hand job satisfaction
  3. There is a relationship between a generation and retaining the generation at a workplace
  4. There is a relationship between the type of leadership style satisfaction of the Generation X business professionals

The Level of Satisfaction for Generation X Cohort Business Professionals

This research encompasses an analysis for the level of satisfaction for Generation X cohort business professionals in the industry, the more they will develop loyalty to the organization. Additionally, they tend to stay in their current positions, therefore, impacting retention of business professionals positively. The researcher also assesses the diverse leadership characteristics to determine whether they have diverse, positive impacts on the satisfaction of business professionals in both generations. The experience of the business professionals within a workplace with the existing leadership styles, determines the level of satisfactions of the business professionals with their jobs.

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Even with most scholarly works developing general arguments that Generation X business professionals have a higher level of dissatisfaction at the workplace, the researcher feels that both the Baby Boomers and Generation X will perceive diverse leadership style characteristics negatively. Therefore, this will have lower levels of satisfaction with their jobs. An analysis of the available literature keeps the focus that business professionals categorized in the Generation X cohort are less satisfied within particular working environment as opposed to their peers in the Baby Boomer category (Terjesen, Vinnicombe & Freeman, 2007). Generation X business professionals are view as entangled with dissatisfaction when at the workplace and this brings down their morale of work and ultimately cannot be retained within that given workplace.

It has been observed by many scholars on the issue of generation preference that the Servant-Leader style of leadership is the favorite of any employee within a given environment. However, the Baby Boomer generation has had a share of this style of late. For Generation X, they have been in business of late and they have adjusted to meaning that any change of leadership would make it difficult and notable that this is the only style that would work toward employee retention (Terjesen, Vinnicombe & Freeman, 2007). This style of leadership makes it possible within a workplace to develop close relationships between business professionals and the leaders therefore motivating business professionals and increasing their level of satisfaction.

As identified in the fifth hypothesis, business professionals can be retained only at the workplace if they are satisfied. In the same light hypothesis six argues that retaining business professionals works out well with what style of leadership an organization adopts in its operations. As the argument of many scholars, the servant leadership style work out well in drawing out sound values at the workplace, which are better suited to establish numerous relations at the workplace and the comfort ability of diverse generations.

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