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Discriminated against Women in South Korea

What outrages me most is when I see women being discriminated against and exposed to various forms of abuse such as sexual abuse among others. Despite the escalating cases of violence against women across the globe as recently witnessed India, where a woman aged 23 was gang-raped and later died from multiple organ failure, governments and stakeholders continue to passively engage in this issue, thus resulting to more atrocities against women. As a woman, I strongly feel that, gender discrimination results to reduced growth in various economies and ought to be effectively and urgently tackled.

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In South Korea, for instance, gender discrimination occurs due to the historical traditions that normally views women to be lower than men for centuries. For decades, South Korean educated women were only allowed to get jobs as teachers. Discrimination against women results to tragedies such as death of young girls due to preference of sons as compared to girl child. The tradition mindset of the older generation is the origin for the increasing amount of feticides.

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As a woman, I do not believe that we are inferior to men, but those innocent girls were never given the chance to prove this fact. All genders should be given equal opportunities to advance their careers in life. Therefore, women should not be discriminated against, but given the chance to exploit their full potential. To tackle the issue of discrimination against women, there is the need for governments and stakeholders such as community based organizations and religious groups to carry out comprehensive civic education, advocating the need for gender equality. In job places, policies which focus on equal opportunities employment should be strengthened, thus managers who seeks sexual favors from women prior and after employment can be effectively be dealt with.


In conclusion, I am also not naive to believe that the struggles for gender discrimination over decades will stop instantly; however, I have faith, it can be accomplished. Education has been singled out as the primary solution to the problem of gender discrimination against women. In order to address the traditional assumptions that women are inferior to men, educational curriculums should include gender studies, sensitizing children that all human beings have equal chances in life, and no one is superior. Today women have become better educated than most men and are aware of their rights, therefore, continuing my education and pursuing my goals is what I need to compete with men in the future and bring power to influence the society.

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