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The Motorcycle Diaries Movie Review

The Motorcycle Diaries is a story about a journey that exposes two friends to a Latin American identity they were not previously aware of and the journey plays an important role in the future of one of the two friends who would later become Latin America’s most memorable revolutionary. The impoverished nature of the indigenous peasantry affects Ernesto Guevara and he later becomes an iconic revolutionary famously known as Che Guevara (Bryant).

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What Guevara and his friend Alberto Granada discover on their journey is what they perceive to be the undistorted picture of Latin American identity and marks the turning point in the life of a later influential revolutionary. It is a journey of learning as they interact with common folk and learn of the injustices that exist within the society.

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The movie is relevant in the study of Modern Latin as the plot shows Marxist influence aroused in a man who sees it as the solution to the problems of the Latin American peasantry. The difference in ideology aroused and the perception of capitalism as the cause of suffering Guevara witnesses on his journey on the bike influences him to become a believer that the spread of Marxism in South America should be enforced. The journey gives him a course (Bryant).

The influence of Guevara brought a change in the way the governments of Latin America behaved during the cold war era. The west and eastern blocks were faced with tilting forces with America taking a stronger stand as a foe on the Americas would give the east an edge.

The issue of national borders in Latin America can also have some bearing here. the motorcycle diaries biopic and memoir of Ernesto Guevara influencing the coming of a new phase in the history of Latin America.

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