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Illegal Immigrants Issues

Last week immigration agents and Mexican federal police conducted a bi-national operation that targeted an illegal immigrant smuggling network. The federal police of Mexico conducted an operation in Nogales, Sonora and made arrests. State, federal and various local law enforcement officers from southern Arizona arrested 47 people in Phoenix . Tucson, Rio Rico and Nogales. Tucson shuttle company was he main target and are thought to have transported illegal immigrants in the thousands from the Phoenix and Tucson borders.

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This raid according to the law enforcement officers was the culmination of a year long investigation. For a year, the federal officers were investigating and during that time, illegal immigrants numbering thousands were transported from the border into the USA. The border issue arises in this event where illegal immigrants from the Latin American countries cross into the USA. This event is important in the study of modern Latin because the issues that bring this about are historical in nature. An event such as this raises questions such as why these smuggling rackets thrive. How different it would be if the dark historical phase that Latin America went through between the sixties and the eighties had been different.

It also raises the issues of political relations between the USA and the Latin American countries and the differences that arose during the cold war caused the policies in the relationship. Latin America’s wars as seen in the movies discussed raised issues that were a direct result of the consequences of war which resulted from that period.

The fact that this operation involved law enforcement officers from the USA and Mexico shows that there is a semblance of common interest in stopping the smugglers in their tracks and an event such as this may be a point of discussion in the future as far as the relationship between Latin America and the USA is concerned.

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