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In the field of sports, I am interested in foot and ankle injuries. The two types of injuries are regular in various sports. This has therefore raised my curiosity to understand them more. I believe it is a problem that is deeply rooted in sports though most coaches tend to underestimate the issue. This results into poor performance besides the eventual premature end of brilliant young sporting careers. Injuries are very problematic in the long run, which makes sportsmen or women unfit within a few years after suffering the predicament.

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I believe that it is a problem that can be attributed to the fact that most players lack knowledge about the injuries and/or are ignorant concerning the topic. An in depth coverage of the matter will tend to care for the health of both the feet and the ankle. These two parts are very imperative in sporting activities. Other contributing factors are fungal infection of the feet. Furthermore, continued use of injured feet and ankles in playing worsens the injuries.

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Literature Review

Research shows that a high percentage of foot and ankle injuries occur in sports. They consist a quarter of the total sporting injuries in the country. There are many types of foot and ankle injuries. These include ligament injuries, bone and ankle fractures, cartilage and tendon damage, and tendon injuries among others. They are treated differently with regards to the part and the intensity of the injury. The worst thing one can do with a significant sprain is to ignore it (Garrick 25).

I believe a good way to address the problem is to inform people about foot and ankle injuries and how to handle oneself in case of an injury; inspire people to seek medical care and examination; or disseminate information to people by carrying out an awareness campaign.


The research will employ a qualitative approach where interviews will be conducted. The target respondents are two high school sportsmen, the school doctor or a health worker, and two school coaches. This is expected to give a wealth of descriptive material regarding the issue at hand.


I hope to learn about the different types of foot and ankle injuries in details, their causes, and the different treatment. Moreover, establish the preventive measures that can be taken to ensure our sportsmen and women remain competitive. Through gathering information from the diverse sources, I hope to come up with a comprehensive data which will not only satisfy my curiosity but also act as a remedy towards the challenge affecting our sportspersons.

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