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Ordering a Book from an Online Library

The internet offers variety of materials for research purposes. However, it is important for students to familiarize themselves with research techniques. Students should know how to use the descriptor key words if they are not sure of what they are looking for. Typing the key words in the search box and clicking on the search button. Online catalogues use links on which students should click on to open the specific area that they are interested in.

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During the pre-colonial period, there were diverse cultures all across the South American continent .The Monongahela is one of them. Monongahela were agriculturalists and they were situated on the upper Ohio valley. They lived in small buildings which were mostly circular in shape and they lived in villages of up to a hundred individuals. They were also hunters and relied on bows and arrows as their major weapon. For the protection of the entire village, they built fences around their villages which were made of poles.

The Monongahela had to shift from one point to another in search of land whenever their land became too much depleted of fertility. This is because they did not have fertilizer(Margret,2001) .They grew corn, beans, squashes and also relied on hunting and gathering food from the forest around their villages.

The Susquehannock appeared in the Susquehanna valley during the beginning of the pre-colonial period (Brashler, 1987). The susquehannock spoke Iroquoian and they shared many cultural similarities with their counterparts in New York. They live in long houses and the practice of matrilineal decant was common among this community. The earliest place where they lived was discovered at the Shultz site in the lower Susquehanna River valley (Susquehannock State Park History, 2011). There were as many as one thousand three hundred people in the housing facilities in this region. The group is said to have occupied this site between 1575-1600.This group is believed to have replaced the Shenks Ferry who lived in this region before 1500 AD. Throughout 1600, they lived in large fortified villages that contained an approximate of five thousand people each.

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The Shenks Ferry was another group which thrived in the Caribbean region was occupied by the Susquehannock (Susquehannock State Park History, 2011). Some people believe that they were assimilated by the Susquehannock. This tribe was basically horticulturalists and they used to be scattered across the Caribbean before they decided to live in groups that formed villages. Village houses were organized in circular shapes that sometimes were comprised of one big circular building at the center that was likely used for ceremonies and other cultural activities (Dean, 2009). The largest village ever discovered covered an approximate of four acres of land and contained an approximate of sixty nuclear families living in small houses fit for a nuclear family. It said their ancestors lived in the valley for hundreds of years.

Step by Step Guide

Steps that a student should take while browsing the internet to determine the primary purpose of the site.

When a student lands on a website, the first thing to do is to preview the entire homepage looking for the specific information that suits what he/she is looking for. There are links to guide the surfer to various topics that he/she is looking for. If the headlines on these links are not consistent to what the student is looking for, then the whole information in those pages might be irrelevant. The features on the homepage can suggest to the student as to whether the website is based on business, politics or some other issues.

When searching for a database about the relationship between individualism and portrait genre, a student should type a brief statement with these key words. I would suggest a statement like this; relationship between individualism and portrait genre/database.

Plagiarism is using someone’s words or comments without acknowledging the author. Even if you put it on your own words or try to interchange words within a sentence, that is still considered plagiarism. Nowadays there are soft wares programmed to scan for plagiarism. All interchanged words and directly copied words will be detected as plagiarism. Sentences written using different words may not be discovered by the program but may be discovered by humans and may lead to legal action.

In choosing the article that I used in part-2 above, I typed the words “the history of the native tribes in south America during the pre-colonial period/journal”. I selected one of the many options displayed on my browser by Google and landed on the journal that I used to make this summery.

Ordering a book from an online library is a fairly easy task. A student is supposed to have a PIN number that will enable him/her to access the library facilities. After logging in, a student will choose from the wide variety of books and choose one. If it is difficult to locate, then a student can use the search box to locate the book then make an order. The library has got its depositories in many countries of the world and the student will receive his/her book from the closest depository.

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