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Every person faces such a situation that changes his or her life drastically. At first, these changes are unnoticeable, but later it becomes evident that the world outlook is no longer the same.. My personal experience was rather interesting; the events of one day have changed me to a considerable degree; consequently, I have become another person.

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Since my childhood, I have dreamed of visiting Europe. I have read a lot about the European countries that have absolutely different cultures and traditions, but, at the same time, all of them were considerably attracting. Most of all, I wanted to visit Italy. I associate this country with romance and love, because it was the exact place, where Romeo and Juliette fell in love, and nowadays, their love story is popular all over the world. In the ancient Rome, Saint Valentine, who introduced in the world’s culture a new holiday to celebrate, lived. Moreover, Italy has a lot of ancient and historical places to visit; therefore, when I had an opportunity and time to go on a journey last year, I chose this country without a doubt.

I took a plane; the flight was rather long and exhausting, but when I reached Italy, I was extremely happy. The guide met our travelling group at the Rome airport Chiampino and helped us to get to our hotel. He advised us not to wander across the city at night time, because it was rather dangerous. In Italy, there was a criminal gang that posed a threat to other people during that time. Certainly, everyone listened to his pieces of advice and tried to follow them during our stay in Italy. The next day, I was engaged in excursions – I visited Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo. In the evening, our group returned to the hotel and had a rest. At night, I woke up because of a terrible headache. It was impossible to sleep, my head was killing me. Leaving out of account the guide’s story about gangs, I went out of the hotel and started looking for a chemist’s shop.

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Suddenly, I noticed a small group of people on the other side of the road. They were rather drunk and behaved in an inadequate way. They noticed me and started screaming something, then, came to me. I was very scared, because I understood that these people could be that criminal organization, thus, I was in a trouble. So-called Mr. Big addressed a question to me:

  • “Hey, you, what are you doing here?”
  • “I am looking for a chemist’s shop, I need to buy some medicine,” I answered.
  • “You are not from Italy, are you? Where are you from?” asked Mr. Big with a soft voice.
  • “I am from America; I have come here to visit your country. I have dreamed of it since I was a child,” I told in a more relaxed manner.
  • “We will help you to go to the chemist’s shop, we also go there,” he said, and we set out.

On our way, we had a long talk with these people. They told me that they are not as angry as people describe them; they have no place to live or money to keep their families. I understood that these people were so miserable in their life; they should have not found their place. That is why they grouped together and were aggressive to other people.

This conversation did not let me to fall asleep. I was scrolling every phrase of Mr. Big in my head till the morning. I understood that such miserable people live in each country, not only in Italy or Germany. However, they were not strong enough to overcome the disappointment in life and try again to reach the success. They prefer to become criminals, such as thieves and housebreakers, while others get addicted to alcohols or drugs in order to forget about their everyday problems with the help of vodka or marihuana. The third group is the most dangerous – aggressive people, who are ready to kill others without any doubt.

I believe that this problem must be solved. The American legislation and law system shut criminals up, but most of them do not get rid of their psychological problems. They exist in their inner world and can show up later. My travel to Italy made me understand that we should help such people to survive in our society and become absolutely normal. I strongly want to create such an organization as a psychological support for criminals, where they will have no fear to be jailed. In such a place, they can freely speak about their ill acts and tell about psychological problems. This is the first step towards curing, namely the understanding of our faults. If it is necessary, they can stay incognito, but our people will help them, no matter how they ask for it. The spread of the Internet assists anyone, who wants to get rid of some complexes that detain them from the work or communication with others.


I am convinced that this dream will come true as my travel to Italy did. My wish is pure and good-minded; thus, in my future, when I have earned enough money to stand on my own legs, I will certainly create an organization of the psychological help. I know that in our world, people should help each other rather than stay aside when they see how bad someone feels. When you lend a helping hand,  you will receive it in future as well; this will be the kindness returned twofold.

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