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European Wax Center

European Wax Center can be found in 429 locations. It is an innovative cosmetics company, which proposes a wide variety of products for every person.  They have a great experience on the market and go on 4 main steps: cleanse, protect, time to get your wax on, rejuvenate (EWC).

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Therefore, it is not enough to know about the activity of this company and the sphere of its influencing. There is a need to make a SWOT-analysis, which will help us to analyze its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats.

Statement of the Problem

Using SWOT – analysis, we will assess the strategic position of the company and determine its basic strategic and tactical possibilities.

Methodical Instructions for the Assignment

It is important to analyze the activity of the company. It will give the opportunity to see its results and predict possible scenario for future. SWOT-analysis is one of the basic methods for that. Among the strengths, there can be mentioned:

  • High level of organization of management accounting
  • Highly qualified production staff
  • Established system of supply of raw materials and equipment

The main weaknesses of the company are:

  • Insufficient level of customer service
  • Underdevelopment channels of goods
  • The lack of strategic planning

European Wax Center has lots of opportunities. The main of them are:

  • Changing of societal attitudes toward advertising
  • The increase in purchasing power
  • Increasing the number of business organizations

There are still lots of treats for this successful enterprise. They are:

  • Slowdown
  • The increase in the tax burden
  • The development of electronic communication technologies

Finally, European Wax Center is a perspective company, with stable strengths, but it can meet some treats or develop great opportunities. Moreover, it is needed to research through more information and analyze it in a deeper way. We have already known that European Wax Center is a successful company; however, to be insured in its future success, it is needed to start from the activity development.

Also, there can be given more information about company’s correlation development, which helps to predict and identify the possible scenarios of its future development. It gives a better opportunity to maintain that:

  1. The best strength of the company is its system of supply and raw materials.
  2. The worst weakness is the lack of customer service.
  3. The greatest opportunity is the ability to change societal attitudes towards advertising.
  4. The highest level among the possible treats depends to the development of electronic communications technology.

It is needed to make several improvements, but, firstly, it is important to identify the most problematic fields of the enterprise. The most problematic fields of the enterprise can be ranged, depending on their importance:

  1. Expansion of distribution channels
  2. The creation of a unified marketing service company
  3. Increase of production capacity in manufacturing cosmetic products
  4. The increase in the market share of the company by creating new products and conquering new market segments
  5. Establishment of a system of accounting and cost reduction
  6. Establishment of a system of e-sales
  7. Expansion of the nomenclature of the cosmetic goods
  8. Development of personal sales to wholesalers and cosmetic products
  9. Development of technologies and products without the use of raw paper
  10. Create and distribute a free promotional materials about the company
  11. Establishment of a system of feedback from our customers
  12. The use of natural raw materials

Finally, these problem-spheres have to be solved. Nowadays, they make the enterprise weaker. It is important to make several improvements, which are provided in a “Recommendations”-part.


Nowadays, marketing management plays a fundamental role in the activities of the company. Marketing management includes analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring of programmes aimed at creating, maintaining and expanding profitable relations with the buyer in order to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Thus, marketing management involves, first of all, a demand-management, a management of trust to consumers’ company. Nowadays, European Wax Center operates on the market in conditions, which are quite heavy for the country’s economic, political and social conditions. Unstable economic and political situation, regular non-payment of wages, the sharp decline of incomes of the population – all of this have an undoubtedly impact on consumers of European Wax Center goods.

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Demand for goods of European Wax Center is certainly dropped, especially from consumers with low and middle incomes – the basic segment for the company. Nowadays, it is mostly important to maintain regular consumers’ goods of the European Wax Center company, as the loss of the main part of the consumers may force the company out of the market of cosmetics that threatens her with large losses and the loss of credibility in the world.

On the other hand, the market will be harder, and this would entail larger costs, rather than in a situation, where the company would remain on the market and suffered damages. Thus, to date, the main purpose of the company on the market – is its resisting by all means, keeping the demand for its goods, at least at the same level for the implementation of the main objectives. European Wax Center is in the global marketplace: there is a globalization of its activities by entering the maximum number of markets, mainly geographical.

The company can even afford to incur losses in the market because, despite the economic crisis and the decline in demand in the market, the sales volume and profit of the Group in the world market, they have tended to increase. This is due to the fact that there are strategically important markets for European Wax Center (United States markets and Europe), which provide the company’s profits, which can absorb losses for European Wax Center in some other countries.

There is a question: how companies should manage demand in the target market? Based on the results of the situation analysis, the position of the company in the market of cosmetics is being relatively stable. The structure of demand for European Wax Center goods has changed by the individual segments of buyers (mostly this concerns income segments) part of the consumer segment with the low and middle income countries, which are refused to buy the products of the company in favor of cheaper and inferior quality products.

However, some consumers of the segment with middle and high incomes, consumers who preferred the expensive and very expensive cosmetics firms with world fame, passed on the purchase of European Wax Center goods, price levels are lower than on the goods, which they have bought before. This migration of consumers from one product to another group is linked to falling incomes, and therefore the portion of personal income that consumers typically spend on cosmetics.

The base segment for the company still remains a segment of low and middle income countries. The company, therefore, is needed to be guided in its marketing efforts on those segments, predicted that demand is greatest. Based on the results of the situation analysis, such segments are: consumers with low and moderate, middle and high income countries, living in areas with high density of population, mainly in the capital cities; mostly female; at the age from 13 years; with any behavioral and psycho-graphic characteristics.

With regard to the product, which is provided by European Wax Center on the market, it is based on the results of the situation analysis that there is a harmony in the nomenclature, which is proposed by competitive firms to global change. Also, there can be a situation, when depriving consumers of other markets taste new products for fear that they will not demand the delivery of novelties on the market, it can cause a real demand from consumers, who, by virtue of their psychological characteristics, tend to buy mostly, new products, at the same way as many consumer groups.

Talking about the promotion of European Wax Center goods on the market, it can be concluded that the main elements of the complex promotion of advertising and sales promotion are used (according to the situation analysis) a pretty effectively. Moreover, the most effective element of the impact on consumers of cosmetics the European Wax Center is advertising, that is why, most of the funds, which are allocated for the promotion of European Wax Center goods, should continue to allocate advertising at television with big media companies, in popular magazines, etc.

Moreover, it should be continued to use all the basic techniques to stimulate sales, which the European Wax Center company applies for on the market. Especially it is necessary to highlight the professionalism of selling goods at a discount, based on the cosmetics marketing experience and research. As a result of this, even in times of crisis, the company managed a few days to sell more products using standard monthly general conclusions, which can help to enhance the effectiveness of marketing management of the European Wax Center company in the target market of cosmetic products.

The study was conducted on European Wax Center, which is being one of the leading cosmetic companies on the market.

Studies have shown that the organizational structure is quite cumbersome and therefore does not make it possible to monitor the results of work units. Some parts of are being overlapped structures (public relations department, advertising department, intelligence, logistics, spokesman, analyst, accounting department). At the same time, there are gaps in units of lines. The company needs specialists, who will deal with the exception of information leakage and professionals, who will be involved in the so-called “economic espionage”.

Therefore, a Department of advertising and Public Affairs Division should be merged into one department, which will be directly linked with the General Manager. It will be much more efficient than an unwieldy organizational structure, which the company has now.

Also, it is needed to work more with potential consumers through the electronic and print media, inform them about new products and promotions that are held by European Wax Center.

The results of the research of performance indicator management system have shown a high level, which is being reflecting on the assessment in a very well level, and shows that all the indicators are at the required level.

According to the efficiency, we can mention that company has a stable position on the market. This may indicate a competent set of business processes. In principle, this is a logical result that European Wax Center considers to be the wholesale clear and stable company.

Therefore, the company needs to spread all over the world. It is a strong one on its native market and can become a serious competitor to the world’s leaders in a cosmetics sphere. It will let European Wax Company to conquer new horizons and bring the world’s attention on its activity and modernization updates.

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