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Crisis management is the approach adopted by an organization in dealing with key activities that might threaten to harm the operation of the organization, its immediate stakeholders and the public as a whole. It should be noted that for an event to be perceived as crisis management it should be a threat to the activities of the organization, it must be a surprise in the manner for which it appears and also the event should happen within a short period of time. This is because the key goal of crisis management department is to execute timely decisions on the fairer facts-findings available while operating under extraordinary conditions (Ondrej 2012, p. 268-273).

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The history of crisis management can be back-dated to the Indus Valley and Babylonian civilization periods. In these eras, both the entire communities and individuals participated in the crisis management activities. However, nowadays the complexity of the matter has led to distinctive tackling approaches so that expert crisis management individuals have taken the center stage in calming the misfortune professionally (Pearson and Clair 1998, p.59-62).

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The Core Advantage of Crisis Management

The key objective of crisis management is to comprehend the magnitude of calamity and seek tools needed for communicating and managing the situation at hand. The core advantage of crisis management is to provide a platform upon which organizations can survive external threats (Simmons 2009). In addition to this, crisis management assists organizations to make immediate improvements to their already existing compliancy strategies. The major disadvantage of crisis management is that it is expensive to plan and execute at the same time. Thus, it exposes the organization’s resource into wasteful activities.

BP Oil Spill is a good example of crisis management case. The leakage of the oil into the ocean caused more harm to the marine life. This situation was handled unfairly so that the immediate CEO of the company was replaced by a new one. There was numerous law suits directed to the company. However, the company and the US government came to an agreement upon which the company had to pay for the damage caused immensely. This is a case that received intense media coverage that almost ruined the company’s image globally.

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