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The Atlantic is an article which tries to explain how male chauvinism is getting its roots back in Africa. This is well highlighted through the concept of maxim whereby men are the most affected gender. Maxim is not a cultural based concept but based on gender. Therefore, lack of cultural interest makes men to neglect and view the theory of feminism as a less issue to them despite the great opportunity that the theory offers. In the article, Men tend to view feminism as a way of defoliating their position in the world despite the standard lifestyle it offers compared to maxim. The argument for the occurrence of men chauvinism in the article is said to be a product of physical strength. This is as result of the existence of insecure men, who feels that their position in the society is threatened by a group of strong women.

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Chauvinism Issue in Africa

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The men depicts maxim such that they no longer value women no matter the role that they play in their a result, Maxim overtakes over the critique of feminism such that sexuality is no longer viewed as a bigger issue. The sexuality concept becomes an open matter for both men and women; hence no secrets are kept among each other. The men argue that it is a way of promoting gender equality. This whole issue explains the maxim-style theory of retro-sexism which is self-consicious.This theory holds an ironic part of it, whereby men make fun of themselves as much as they degrade women; it also consists of some truth that is well illustrated from an excerpt of a song “The man show”.  The interesting aspect in the article is how women handle the surge of retro-sexism; they seem less concerned of the way they are treated. However the British feminist, Imelda Wheleham feels the urge of writing a book on ladies culture called; “overloaded: popular culture and the future of feminism”. She feels that the book will help the women to realize their future as well as their rights as feminists.

All through the article we realize that men chauvinism will not end unless maxim is fought against in all institution especially among the upcoming youths. This can only be made possible via the aid of the lectures in University who can help their students to avoid any material or access to any maxim information. In this manner the feminists will be able to evade their blames toward culture elites.

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