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Case Study Example 1

Equality is the act of treating all individuals in an organization without discrimination on the basis of social or economic backgrounds. Diversity, on the other hand, implies differences in culture, religion, health status and how to associate them in an organization (Ashley, 2010). As a newly chosen senior manager in charge of equality and diversity in the Coca-cola Company, I am tasked to inform my CEO on how to implement this task.

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In will prepare for him details of the legal requirements of the equality act. The latest equality act of 2010 brought together pieces of organizational acts that were enacted since 1970. These include the equal pay act, sex discrimination act, race relationships, disability discrimination, religion or belief regulation, age regulations and sexual orientation regulation (Ben, Campbell & Lewis, 2007). The equality act harmonizes the law and sets the basis for equality in any workplace. This law will lay a foundation to my working strategy. The law requires that every employee should be treated equally irrespective of their diverse backgrounds and weaknesses (Bowmaker et al., 1998). They should have right to equal opportunities in the organization and free from discrimination (Brickson, 2000). By interpretation of the equality act, a good working relationship emerges within and without since the firm will portray a good image to the surrounding environment Cha, & Edmondson, 2006). Since Coca-cola is an international company, it has individuals of diverse backgrounds. Fostering equality in this organization will see its success in output in the near future. Harmonizing diverse employees yields more fruit since cooperation is build (Colgan et al., 2007).This organizational culture will see Coca-cola expands to regions of the world where religious duties are strictly observed. This is because the framework of the company respects all the religious observations (Gagnon, & Cornelius, 2000).

Even though, we understand that these requirements of the law exist, they cannot take effect without imposing procedures to carry out the exercise. The organization has to be informed on the existence of these laws (Gilbert & Ivancevich, 2000). All the managers irrespective of the department the deal with have to be aware of equality issues to avoid clashing with their colleges on equality matters (Healy & Oikelome, 2007).Every organization should be legally registered to the registered with the registrar of companies. Legal registration means that before issuance of certificate, the company is first vetted to establish whether it will meet all the legal requirements pertaining equality and diversity (Itzin & Newman, 1995). By this law enforcement, any company gets protection from problems that may involve violation of these laws by leaders who act by impunity (Jones Pringle & Shepherd, 2000). The Coca-cola company stakeholders would want to see the organization equality measures and that no complaints arise from other businesses and individuals about the operations of the company. The stakeholders would need to see a written report on how equality matters are handled in the organization. Therefore, establishing a policy within which the organization’s equality and diversity issues should work within forms the starting point for putting into practices the set rules and regulations (Kirton & Greene, 2006).

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Case Study Example 2

After ensuring that all the resources and individuals responsible for ensuring equality are available, the next thing is to effectively communicate the policy. It may require to be published so that it can reach and cover all aspects of the organization (Klarsfeld, 2010). The staff should be trained on how to integrate the policy into their activities (Konrad & Pringle, 2006).  Recruitment and selection should be based on the policy and the policy also forms grounds for an action plan (Liff, 1997).The next most important thing is to conduct an equality and diversity audit. The audit helps to know how the company is performing in terms of equality and diversity (Liff & Cameron, 1997).This involves carrying out interviews on the staff about how they vie the whole aspect of the element. Collecting information from the organization’s statements and from the community where the staff come from is also part of the audit (Marshall, 2007). Finally, an action plan is drawn from the data gathered. One can now decide on what areas to emphasize on or what actions to take so as to put the policy into action. These steps in strategizing a better work force would be very much effective in my new work position (Maxwell & McDougall, 2001).

As a manager I have to play the role of a leader so that work can be well delegated to my juniors for proper implementation. The manager is said to play the role of a leader because he/she inspires his/her followers (Monks, 2007). He/she leads by example. All managers are expected to portray a good image of them to so that the rest can learn what is good from them (Morrison Lumby & Sood, 2006).  A manager addresses complex issues by planning, organizing and setting goals. He/she should therefore communicate his/her ideas to the entire staff (Newman, 2002).This ensure that the tasks are properly implemented and within the speculated time (Riach, 2009). Work division is very essential in any work place. Managers are advised to ensure that work is properly divided according to staff ranks and departments (Shah, 2008). Motivation is an important factor creating a good working mood (Shaw, 2007). It is the role of the manager to apprise the staff who are doing well in their work and also communicate the results of the organization to the rest of the employees (Singh & Point, 2004).  When workers are appreciated in this manner, they are able to deliver excellent services. Performance appraisal should not be done with favoritism but according to the hardworking of the employee.

The staff needs to be given an opportunity to exercise their cultural and religious responsibility while not interfering with the organization’s targets (Syed & Ozbilgin, 2010). If an individual’s culture is ignored by the management, it will result into a conflict which will affect the workforce. This is a form of interruption that bears an adverse effect to the organization (Witcher, 2005).  The problem should be properly managed by developing proper scheduling procedures in accordance with worship. With respect to culture, managers’ actions should conform to their cultural expectations (Worthington et al., 2008).


I would need to do a research from other companies to get more information on how they handle issues on equality and diversity to add onto what I have gathered from my company. Most of all, a number of methods form the best platform to ensure that equality and diversity policies are adhered to. All the staff should be updated on where to pass information related to equality issues (Wrench, 2005). The steps involved in handling the issues should be clear so that no action can be seen as unfair since protocol is followed. Penalties for violation of these rules should be spelled out. By putting all the factors above into consideration, my duty as an equality and diversity manager will experience smoothness and tranquility in the company.

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