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A field analysis of the negotiation process for the recruitment of Alex Tutta into the Manford Technologies has been established. The core duty of a field analysis is to establish the key parties within specific negotiation environments, developing different social behavioral expectations and circumspect rules in the course of negotiation (Lewiscki et al., 2011, p.11). It should be noted that a negotiation process is comprised of five basic constituents: the direct actors in the negotiation, opposing actors in negotiation, indirect actors in the negotiation process, as well as interested observers and general environmental facets that might affect the outcome of the meeting (Lewicki et al. 2011, p. 77-78). The following is the field analysis of the interviewing process, which forms a platform upon which Alex is to assume office in Manford Technologies.

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Direct Actors in the Negotiation Process

Alex represents the main direct actor in the negotiation processas he is the potential interviewee for the advertised position. The references might also form part of this group given that they are able to provide moral support to the direct actor. It should be noted that Alex is the key primary direct actor in this negotiation process since he is not able to dictate terms in the course of the process. Bargaining mix in the negotiation rests on his professional experience in the industry. He is also equipped with simple trade-offs, which he can provide to the opposing actor for nothing: volunteer experience with Homes for Humans, and his interest in woodworking.

Opposing Actors in the Negotiation Process

Morgan represents an opposing actor who plays the role of interviewer for the advertised position. He is ascertained to be the primary director of the playing field, who is responsible for the entire process.

Indirect Actors in the Negotiation Process

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For this case, there are two types of indirect actors: interviewer’s side and interested observers.

Silvester Rima, who holds the position of an Associate Manager with Manford Technologies, represents the interviewer’s side. He is superior to Morgan. He is affected by the negotiation process since he makes the final decision pertaining to the recruitment of Alex as one of the main team members and significant work force of the company. He also holds the right to determine the acceptable and unacceptable agreements of the contract in the course of the negotiation process.

The observers interested in the negotiation processinclude the other interviewees for the position advertised online on the site and published in the article. They became interested observers in this competition given that they are affected by the end result of the process. It will further be revealed whether they will get the position of employment or not. Furthermore, both Aiden Snell, who also happens to be one of the company’s co-founder, and the Media Reporter are interested observers of the outcome. They remain active throughout the negotiation playing field given that they are affected by the entire settlement reached upon. The Media Reporter is interested in the after-effect so that he knows whether he will continue advertising for the position or not. The two full-time programmers, full-time associate as well as the administrative assistant are also interested in the aftermath since they will need to know the additional employer in order to conduct preparations in a manner of conducting social interaction with the new employee.

Environmental Factors that Might Affect the Negotiation Process

Relationship between the Parties. There is no level of relationship that can be ascertained between the two parties since they have never met before the interview process. A long-term relationship is certain since there is a possibility that the two parties will meet again in order to arrange the payment structure after successful initial interview. The direct actor should maintain respectful relationship in case he reaches success in the task to find a qualified worker.

Rules and Expectations. Since the negotiation process is correlated with interview, the direct actor is encouraged to maintain cordial relationship to pre-arrange a successful dialogue. He should act professionally in order to secure trust of the interviewee.

Timing in the Negotiation. In this case, timingis limited to the day of interview and place: March 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm in Building 355, Room 211 on Vancouver Island University’s Nanaimo campus. This period determines the time validity before the employment offer is retired (Lewicki et al. 2011, p. 78). Thus, the two parties are encouraged to present themselves at the venue in order to conduct a professional negotiation process.

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